PROJECT Cemetery Locations - Using Google Earth with the GSSA Cemeteries

GSSA Cemeteries (indexed cemeteries)
Once Google Earth is installed and the data for the recorded cemeteries applied, the following become relevant:
  1. What does the map show?
  2. Cemetery names.
  3. Colour codes of cemetery name.
  4. The pop-up window.
  5. How do I find a cemetery in which I am interested?
1 . What does the map show?
Google Earth with the GGSA locations opens with a high-level view of Southern Africa showing all the GSSA cemetery locations with a GSSA icon. The standard features of Google Earth can be used to zoom in or out, rotate the image, or fly to various Placemarks or coordinates. Places of interest shown in the default Google Earth maps also assist with navigation.
2. Cemetery names
The cemetery name will appear next to the GSSA logo.
By zooming down in the general area of interest, the icons separate and the Cemetery Name pops up.
Where there are multiple cemeteries on one farm, the distinguishing number 1, 2, etc. also appears as example below.
Cem names
3. Colour codes of the cemetery names
The colour codes used for the Cemetery Name text are as follows:
  • Processed and published in the latest Edition (previously DVD) and Photo (in bright blue).
  • Processed and published in Edition (previously DVD) only (in bright green).
  • Published in Photo album only (in yellow green).
  • Not yet processed (in white).
Colour codes of cem names
4. The Pop-up Window
Clicking on the GSSA icon loads a pop-up window with the following information:
  • Cemetery title information: (Farm Name, Locality, Magisterial District, Province, Country).
  • Recording Status (ranging from Published in Edition (previously DVD) & Photos, to "Not yet Processed"). “Location Only” means the information is only available via the eGGSA Gravestone Photos.
  • Number of names in Cemetery (Gravestone Index).
Click on "View Photos Online" to view the Photo Album run by the eGSSA (if photos of this cemetery are available).
pop up window
5. How to find a cemetery in which I am interested?
Features currently available are:
  • The standard place list shown in Google Earth page under your "Places" sidebar. It shows the GSSA cemeteries arranged by Country and Province and can be searched for names of interest. A sub-header gives more information about the cemetery locality. A single click loads a pop-up box with the cemetery info.
  • For further assistance with cemetery names and cemetery recording status, refer to the Excel files of the Cemetery Index.
These files are updated monthly.
Side bar menu extract