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what is genealogy
The word "genealogy" has its origins in Greek, but put simply, it is about family - your ancestors and also your descendants. “In every conceivable manner, the family is (a) link to our past, (a) bridge to our future.” (Alex Hayley)
The genealogical terminology may sound confusing at times, but the concepts are actually easy to understand - a short video puts it in context.
The historical origins of genealogy span the centuries and the importance of genealogy manifested in various ways in the lives of our earliest ancestors, thousands of years ago, all the way to the royal houses.
Genealogy is important because it promotes deeper insight and knowledge of the history and the world in which we live. The value of genealogy today is even greater and more important than ever before.
Genealogy will take you on a journey, introduce you to remarkable people, lead you to faraway places and fascinating discoveries.