PROJECT Cemetery Locations - Select the relevant KMZ file

Data sets
Two sets of information (two perspectives) are available for use with Google Earth:
  • GSSA Cemeteries (indexed cemeteries).
The GSSA Google Earth Map opens with a high-level view of Southern Africa showing all the GSSA cemetery locations (i.e. all cemeteries that have been recorded by the GSSA), with a GSSA icon.
  • 50K Cemeteries (unindexed cemeteries).
The 1:50 000 topographical maps of SA show thousands of cemeteries marked as “+”. Files containing these points were created, indexed by location and farm name. These files can be read using Google Earth. Clicking on the “+” mark opens a dialog box that gives farm name, GPS coordinates, etc.  The “+” marks represent cemeteries not yet recorded by the Cemetery Project (recorded cemeteries have been deleted from this file when closer than 200m). This is ideal for planning cemetery recording.
There is a huge amount of information contained in each of the above data sets, which Google Earth can handle. However, it may take time to render and may slow down reaction times, creating the impression of a slow system, depending on your computer configuration.  The easiest solution to consider is to apply only a subset at a time (e.g. the province you want to work in).
You can also load both the above sets (with other data sets you may have), but that will also exacerbate the above problem.  There is functionality available in Google Earth to turn layers on and off. Files for each Province are provided for the 50K option.
How accurate is the information and how frequently is it updated?
Every effort has been made to ensure the information is as accurate as possible, but inaccuracies do arise, mainly due to the following:
  • Old locations derived from the 1:50 000 maps have the double disadvantage of being scaled and read off the paper map, and also the coordinates are according to the Cape System and not the worldwide WGS84 used by Google Earth and GPS receivers. We are correcting these coordinates as time permits.
  • Use of incorrect GPS datum by recorders. The datum of the map is the coordinate system on which it is based - we use WGS 84 Hartbeeshoek.
  • The chance of inaccuracies during the coordinate recording and data processing stages.
  • Some areas of the Google Earth maps are “fuzzy”, so accurate cemetery locations cannot be obtained and approximations are used.
  • As far as possible, we note the accuracy level of the coordinates and audit the locations shown for correctness.
  • The data is updated at the end of each month, so keep an eye out for new revisions.
Available KMZ files
KML (Keyhole Markup Language) is a file format used to display geographic data in an Earth browser such as Google Earth. KMZ is a KML with supporting files packaged in a zipped format.
  • Download the relevant KMZ file by clicking on the spreadsheet name in the table below.
GSSA Cemeteries (indexed cemeteries)
The full data set
GSA01 - GSSA Cem1.eteries (full set)  - GGSA Begraafplase (volledige stel)
50K Cemeteries (unindexed cemeteries)
50K Cemeteries 
The full data set
50K11 - 50K Cemeteries (full set) - 50K Begraafplase (volledige stel)
South Africa - Provinces
Subset: Eastern Cape
50K21 - 50K Cemeteries (Eastern Cape) - 50K Begraafplase (Oos-Kaap)
Subset: Free State
50K22 - 50K Cemeteries (Free State) - 50K Begraafplase (Vrystaat)
Subset: Gauteng
50K23 - 50K Cemeteries (Gauteng) - 50K Begraafplase (Gauteng)
Subset: KwaZulu-Natal
50K24 - 50K Cemeteries (KwaZulu-Natal) - 50K Begraafplase (KwaZulu-Natal)
Subset: Limpopo
50K25 - 50K Cemeteries (Limpopo) - 50K Begraafplase (Limpopo)
Subset: Mpumalanga
50K26 - 50K Cemeteries (Mpumalanga) - 50K Begraafplase (Mpumalanga)
Subset: North West
50K27 - 50K Cemeteries (North West) - 50K Begraafplase (Noord-Wes)
Subset: Northern Cape
50K28 - 50K Cemeteries (Northern Cape) - 50K Begraafplase (Noord-Kaap)
Subset: Western Cape
50K29 - 50K Cemeteries (Western Cape) - 50K Begraafplase (Wes-Kaap)
Neighbouring countries
 Subset: Botswana 
50K31 - 50K Cemeteries (Botswana) - 50K Begraafplase (Botswana)
50K Lesotho
 Subset: Lesotho
50K32 - 50K Cemeteries (Lesotho) - 50K Begraafplase (Lesotho) NA
Subset: Namibia
50K33 - 50K Cemeteries (Namibia) - 50K Begraafplase (Namibia)
Subset: eSwatini
50K34 - 50K Cemeteries (eSwatini) - 50K Begraafplase (eSwatini)
How can I make comments or corrections?
Please send to Peter Moss This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..