PROJECT Cemetery Locations - Explore and Tour with Google Earth


These are some interesting places you can visit, using Google Earth and/or in real life.

Western Cape, Agulhas, Lighthouse
Eastern Cape, Hankey, Sarah Baartman

Grave at Cape Agulhas

The southernmost grave in Africa! A view of Cape Agulhas Lighthouse, with the single grave: "Daisy Rowe”.  Died 28.01.1899 of diphtheria aged 7 months. Daughter of A Rowe, Lighthouse Keeper at Cape Agulhas 1899 - 1901."

Grave of Sarah Bartmann

It is fitting that Sarah has been laid to rest in this area near her birthplace where her soul will at last find peace among the hills and tranquil surroundings of the Gamtoos Valley.                             
The Old Nchanga Mine Cemetery in Zambia
Note Fairview Cemetery on top of the mountain.
Now buried under the waste dumps of the Open Pit