The four Jamison brothers in World War 2

Alta JamisonAlta Jamison:  12 September 2020
With her subject focused on the experiences of four Jamison brothers in World War II, Alta started her presentation by showing a short video about the course of the conflict. The story of the Jamison family in which she married begins with the pater familias Reginald (1878-1942) who was part of the British Northern Russian Expeditionary Force during the First World War. He was married to Eanswythe Elstrith Heyworth (1877-1925), of Welsh descent. From their marriage, four sons were born, one of whom later became the grandfather of Alta's husband.
She discussed the life of each in a particularly interesting way, with photos and video clips. Also interesting was the fact that the eldest, Peter Lawrence (1909-1962), had to change his surname to Mortimer to meet the requirements of a legacy. Two of the brothers served in the British forces, although all grew up in South Africa. The youngest brother, Reginald Ivor, was in the South African Artillery Corps. The third son, Robin Ralph (1912-1991), could not serve in the armed forces due to medical reasons, but as an engineer at Rolls-Royce in Britain he was closely involved in the development of the Merlin engine for Spitfire and Hurricane fighter aircraft and maritime patrol boats. From his descendants, Alta's husband was born.
Alta received well-deserved praise for her presentation.