Digital Dreams & Family Trees - my past to present

CHONG Yolanda foto 2020 10 17Yolanda Chong:  17 October 2020
The GGSA Ntvl Branch was extremely privileged to watch and listen to a talk by a newcomer genealogist, Yolanda Chong (nee Van der Mescht). Yolanda "Zoom" with us, all the way from Hong Kong in China, where she has been living, with her husband (a South African by birth) and daughter, for 14 years now.
Her talk was entitled "Digital Dreams & Family Trees - My Past to the Present" and stemmed from research she started doing for her daughter's school assignment. Yolanda obviously did not have access to any local South African archives or library facilities and therefore had to do all her research with the help of internet resources. She further mentions that her research has received a good boost in the past year due to the time she was able to spend on it, mainly because she had to stay at home due to the Covid-19 restriction measures.
Yolanda's talk is highly recommended as a basic guideline for any novice genealogist who wants to set up a basic family tree. Her experiences confirm that today, due to the internet, it is possible to compile an impressive and accurate South African family tree from an apartment in Hong Kong. Of course, setting up a family tree is only the first step on the genealogical journey of discovery. The next step is to build a full family history. However, Yolanda’s infectious enthusiasm and internet ingenuity will no doubt soon enable her to master this exciting dimension of genealogy as well. The NTvl branch wishes her all the best on her further voyages of discovery!