The orange farmers of Rustvoorbij

VAN AARDT Die Reenmaker DML Foto 2021 03 01Louna Bischoff-Coetzee, 1 July  2021
Her grandmother explained the striking farm name thus: When the family settled on the farm after the Great Trek, the time for rest was over and now the work will start.
Louna takes us back to a bygone era and the farm life of that time.
Her grandfather and his two brothers inherited the farm. There were orchards with oranges. The orchards were irrigated in the traditional way with furrows and Louna remembers how much fun she had playing in the water.
The family was also affected by events experienced by many Afrikaner families – the Dorsland Trek, the concentration camps, participation in and the aftermath of the Anglo-Boer War.
They were more affluent Afrikaners as evidenced by the export of oranges to England, the import of a pump organ (harmonium) from England and they their second car in 1949.
They were leaders in the community.
The memorial path is illustrated with beautiful photos.