A chair made out of yarn spools and a handbag with bad tasting medicine

VAN AARDT Die Reenmaker DML Foto 2021 03 01Ina Hattingh, 1 June 2021
Ina introduces us to her grandfather Hansie (Johannes Gerhardus Schoeman) and grandmother Ellie (Ellie Catharina Holtzhausen).
Grandpa Hansie was a farmer, with a love of woodworking. Through the woodwork, his love for his grandchildren and great-grandchildren is evident. He used yarn spools to make chairs for them. Ina still has the trousseau chest he made out of soapboxes as well as her chairs. As befits a true farmer and grandfather, he always had a pocket knife. He was a specialist in peeling oranges and he shared it with Ina.
Grandma Ellie was slender and attractive. And strict. With bad tasting medicine for every ailment - from Lennon medicine to castor oil - in her handbag. No one dared to cough in her presence or complain of a stomach ache.
Ina had a special bond with her grandfather and her love for him radiated from her contribution to the feature “down memory lane”.
The contribution is beautifully illustrated with photos.