Adoptions and the interpretation of the adult adopted child

 Nina de CairesNina de Caires. 09 October, 2021
Nina underscored the strict protocol followed during the adoption process. She highlighted the legal aspects and it was clear that the child's interests are put first.
At the beginning of the adoption process, the child takes centre stage. The biological parents receive attention and support and then it is the adoptive parents' turn.
The interest of all parties are taken care of. The process is strictly monitored. Before the time, adoptive parents are visited and references are contacted. Even a medical report is requested which, inter alia, indicates HIV status.
After the processes have been completed, there must be a process if the biological parents – mostly the mother – are looking for the child. The adopted child can also look for her/his biological parents. The Children's Act has strict requirements regarding to whom and when information from the adoption register may be disclosed. This is after the adopted child has turned eighteen and then only the biological parents, the adoptive child or the adoptive parents may request the information.
The talk not only highlighted the legal aspects but it also underscored the good work that Child Welfare does with empathy in order to benefit all the parties involved.