When Trysie Joubert was Sergeant W van Zyl

Trysie Joubert banier webTrysie Joubert, 1 June 2020
In 1972 Trysie noticed by a newspaper supplement on the training of women in the SA Police, which encouraged her to make it a career. In this narrative, she enthusiastically elaborates on the initial basic training that had virtually a military character with strict discipline. They had to learn to march, were exposed to teargas (albeit equipped with a gas mask) and learned to handle and safely shoot a pistol.
After these basics, they received further training in crime investigation, legal subjects, disaster management, first aid and self-defence. Her passing out included an impressive parade. Trysie was later one of a handful of women who completed a detective course and served in various parts. She is clearly proud of her police career - which was just too brief.