The Haddads all the way from Beit Mery Lebanon

Nerine HaddadNerine Haddad, 01 November 2021
At the beginning of the twentieth century, three Haddad boys emigrated to South Africa from Lebanon, while some of the other children of the family went to the USA. The reasons for the immigration are touched upon and in 1906 Nerine's grandfather returned to Lebanon to get married.
He was a successful businessman who was hit hard by the depression and he died at 56 as a result of the complications of diabetes. One of his sons, Admoun (Nerine's father), ended up as a teacher at Sannieshof where he made a great contribution to the beginning of the school and the school residences. He was assimilated into the Afrikaans community, he learnt to speak Afrikaans fluently, married an Afrikaans girl, and was confirmed in the Dutch Rreformed Church (DRC) where he later served as an elder.
She writes about school life, rural life and her parents. Her father is portrayed as a firm but sympathetic man.
There are photos of all the generations in South Africa.
This Down Memory Lane is probably the only account in the Genealogist that begins in Lebanon and ends in the Transvaal countryside.