Grandma and Grandpa Theron - present in the years I grew up

Neëltjie ZehnderNeëltjie Zehnde, 01 October 2021
As remembered by their granddaughter Neëltjie Zehnder nèe Strydom, 1 October 2021
The grandparents lived with Neëltjie's parents on the farm in the Heilbron district because they had no other place to go.
Neëltjie was named after her grandmother and had a special bond with her.
She was much younger than her husband (18 years) and because she was "young", she had to, for example, walk to the nearest farmhouse to get fuel if their car ran out of petrol on their way to Wolwehoek (general dealer, post office and station).
Neëltjie experienced him as cantankerous. He was an unsuccessful farmer and a frustrated politician. He fought under General Smuts during the Anglo-Boer War and thought that Smuts ‘’lost it’’ with his pro-British attitude in his later political career.
She liked to tell stories about her experiences during the Anglo-Boer War and she taught Neëltjie to crochet and make buttonholes.
One of the highlights of her life was that she was able to visit her son in the USA.