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Participants are encouraged to share their impressions by means of some comments after each tour. Feedback /reports on some of the completed archive tours. tes
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Western Cape
The tour to and in the Western Cape eventually took place in May 2022. Lots of effort was put into the preparations as it was postponed several times due to the corona pandemic and various lockdowns. It also asked for patience, not only on my side but also of the participants. But what a fabulous result! The six days in the various research centres were not only very successful but also fun. Fun we had after hours with shop talk and getting to know each other better at meals and excursions.
This tour now seems to be a favourite amongst GSSA members and most probably will be repeated in 2022. For me as organiser the Corona lock down still restrained me a bit and we could only be ten participants whic h seems to be the norm until the pandemic is gone for good.
This was a major success - despite the various challenges caused by the Corona lock down and protocol!
 Participants living or visiting in the Gauteng area gathered from Monday to Friday morning at ca. 08:00 at the various research facilities.  Until 16:00, everybody did his/her own research, with the tour leader helping where she could.  In-between they had a picnic lunch or, when available, a light lunch at the canteen/kiosk in situ.
 Western Cape
Tours are usually fully booked, but only a maximum number of 15 is manageable, i.e. the number of persons to fit in the various reading rooms etc.
 Free State
This tour started by minibus in Pretoria, a great icebreaker.