Become a member - How?

The annual fees entitle you to belong to the GSSA National AND a home branch. In addition, you receive the quarterly publication Familia depending on your option below:
Option 1: Familia in electronic format only: Fee R240 (standard)
Option 2: Familia in Hard copy (RSA only): Fee R350
Option 3: Familia in Hard copy (Abroad): Fee R580
Upon joining you will select your preferred branch, e.g. Johannesburg Branch, Vaal Triangle Branch, Western Cape Branch, etc. Besides the 12 land based  branches, you could also join the virtual branch called the eGSSA- a web based branch.
In some instances branches levy an additional branch membership fee and there are also options to procure newsletters from other branches – newsletters differ from branch to branch.
Download a copy of the 2021 Membership Application form that has all the relevant information you require. NOTE: You have two options to choose from should you wish to become a member of the GSSA.
  • Download the relevant application form above, decide on which branch suits you and pay the applicable fees. Send your completed form to the email address on it. You will be notified via email of your membership.
  • To join via the eGSSA branch, visit their membership page: and follow the instructions. The fee of the eGSSA consists of three elements, i.e. membership of the national GSSA; membership of the virtual branch eGSSA and as an optional member of a land based branch, as well.
Should you have any queries kindly This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..