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"This edition continues with different references to WW1,  including an article on war-time activities in Durban;  there is an update on the progress at Stellawood Cemetery;  information on a fairly new, GSSA National, Funeral Program Project;  the usual interesting websites and genealogy tips, and, of course, a little bit of genealogy humour"

"Our latest newsletter offers explanations about why we may not be able to find our ancestors online; there are also genealogical resources on YouTube - it's actually amazing what one can find on the internet's social media; our "Memory Lane" is about the original Bluff Lighthouse which was built in 1864, was the 1st lighthouse on the Natal coastline and the only lighthouse, at the time, on the east coast of Africa ... and more."
"This latest newsletter has a write-up on our June speaker, Donald Davies, who was talking about "Fighting Disease in S.E. Africa during WW1" ,and also our July Speaker, Adrian Rowe, who gave us an inside view of the Natal Marriages Index Project; there are the usual interesting and informative websites plus an article on The 10 most important characteristics of a Good Genealogist... and more."
"A write-up on the most entertaining talk given by Prof. Donal McCracken on "The Irish in South Africa; an article on how to tell if your "Tree" is correct; a list of genealogical "Blogs" to follow; and the usual Memory Lane and humour"

Lees in hierdie Uitgawe: Heraldry-The Khoina in shining armour. Plekname van weleer-Riemland. Toekennings-Isak Bosman: Ontvanger van die Akademie van Wetenskap en Kuns se toekenning vir genealogie in 2008. Anglo Boereoorlog-ABO en konsentrasiekampherinneringe van Johan APJ Schutte en Margaretha Johanna Schutte. Explorers-First White Explorers of Transvaal and Natal: The English speaking contribution. Diamante-Wie kan sê 'Eureka'? Die ontdekker van die eerste diamant is nie 'n klinkklare kwessie nie

Read what the newly elected chairman of the Durban and Coastal Branch has to say in Chairman's Natter. There is a report on progress with the Stallawood Cemetery Photography Project. New devlopments in DNA Research i.e. Scientists have found that memories may be passed down through generations in our DNA. New research from Emory University School of Medicine, in Atlanta, has shown that it is possible for some information to be inherited biologically through chemical changes that occur in DNA. And more.....

In this newsletter there is an article on our visit to Mariannhill Monastery in December 2012.  A fascinating and interesting experience, and we saw a "Samarian" coin, dated as being from 300 BC!   There is Local News which features our Chairman, Dave Honour, and National News which talks about the closure of Ancestry24.  As usual there is a list of interesting websites, then an article on how to prune your family tree followed by hints and tips on how to get the best out of your research.  We close with a proposed list of topics for our monthly meetings,  and a rather "suspect" list of New Year's Resolutions!!

"Continuing with our "war" theme, (in commemoration of the beginning of WW1), there is an article on the role Durban played in WW1 and also the story of the connection between the Wipers Times (a magazine published by soldiers on the Front Line),  the Sherwood Foresters and the area of Sherwood, Durban.  One of our members given us an extract on her family's involvement regarding the Siege of Kimberley.  As always, there are some helpful websites including a fairly new one for Mauritian researchers, and some genealogy humour."

Our newsletter is a pot pourri of fact and fun. There is a write-up on our last 2 talks - Prof Ken Knight's remarkable genealogical "journey" inspired by a trip to the Cathedral in Grahamstown; and the story behind Duncan Du Bois' book "Sugar and Settlers - A History of the Natal South Coast 1850 - 1910". There is advice on the kind of personal information we should be leaving for our future generations; "Murphy's Law" for genealogists, and a short article in Down Memory Lane about the arrival of the Indentured Indians."
"The last newsletter of the year includes some ideas for interesting the younger generation in genealogy, a "peep" into the past in Shakespeare's time, and the humourous legacy left by the Reverend William Archibald Spooner."

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