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This edition contains a write up on our guest speaker, John Dovey of Just Done Publications, who spoke in great detail about all the dos and donts of publishing your story; who was the real Blackadder? ;  analysis from excavations assess that Britain's oldest house is 11,500 years old;  the usual tips, websites and humour  ...

"Lots of interest in this latest newsletter - Deciphering Old Handwriting,  the origin of the poem "In Flanders Fields" from WW1, a list of the various different places one can look for personal data on one's relatives, the Transport system in Durban in the late 1800s - and all the usual snippets of information."

"For the final newsletter for 2012, there are articles on other Christmas traditions, and a newspaper report of Christmas in Cape Town in 1859.  There are reports on our last 3 monthly meetings, about the History of the Rickshaw in Durban,  A Trip to the New Germany Nature Reserve (and the first German settlers in Natal),  and a Personal Research meeting at which Bonita Bricknall demonstrated how to get the best results from and the new Family Tree link, plus how to order certificates online.  There is a list of helpful and interesting websites, an article on Divorce Records in SA,  some Genealogy Humour, and a Genealogical Crossword puzzle to close the year."

This newsletter includes the good news that the photographing of Stellawood Cemetery is back on track.  We welcome 2 new little "buds" to two family trees. There's an article on how many words and expressions crept into our everyday language from WW1;  also a report on a wonderful talk given by Jayne Moir on the lonely Anglo-Boer War graves on St Helena  ... and more.

The great thing about genealogy is the excitement of the chase and then the surprise when ou find that tiny piece of information hiding in the undergrowth. I’ve had great fun over the years looking for those little snippets that embellish the history of the family and have managed to get a good idea of how my family existed over the past 500 years. Lately with the anniversary of the First World War my thoughts have come closer to the present day and in particular my
Grandfather. Read more.

This final newsletter for 2014 continues with the WW1 theme;  it also includes an article on Princess Grace of Monaco in which she receives acknowledgement of her Irish roots;  there is some Christmas trivia, an article on the oldest DNA found, photos of Durban in the 1960s,  some interesting websites .... and more.  

To start off 2015, this newsletter gives details of our new Committee and some feedback and pictures from our Ancestral Tea combined with our Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Genealogical Society of South Africa.  It was a fun and happy occasion.  There are lots of interesting websites and search tips, plus an article on Durban's famous "Bunny Chow"!

"The final edition for 2015 includes a report back on Ken Gilling's talk on "WW1 comes to the Northern Cape - the Battle of Kakamas"; debunking some genetic genealogy myths; an extract from "Natal Settler-Agent" about the ships "Ina", "Conquering Hero" and "Unicorn" which brought some of the Byrne's Settlers; and further entertaining / informative snippets"
" Eleanor Lea, our new Chairman, gives us feedback from the recent National AGM; Christelle Horne's talk on "My journey with Family Tree DNA" proved to be fascinating, and her discoveries, to date, have revealed quite a few mysteries; there is an article on Common Family Photo Scanning Mistakes, and also a "tongue-in-cheek" list of How to fail at Family History in 10 Simple Steps .... and more"

This edition is full of advice on how best to use Google in your research;  the 50 best solutions to breaking down "brick walls";  an article on Port Shepstone lighthouse.  Our trip down memory lane includes Addington Hospital and a "Welcome to Durban" pamphlet from WWll.

A potpourie of news items and announcements. An item on the Cornish Pioneers is included as well as the Irish Calender.

The history of the Durban Harbour unfolds in an interseting article that brings back memories of yesteryear

"Heraldry - correcting some popular misconceptions, and a description of the South African National Coat of Arms;   more on the Stellawood Cemetery project;  a memorial to the war horses lost in the Boer War has been erected near Mooi River;  learn what life was like as a settler;  Queen Elizabeth ll's connections with South Africa;  a photographic trip down memory lane - Durban of the past.... and more"

In the first edition newsletter for 2012 we find a report on the talk by Prof Johan Wasserman on the Pinetown Concentration Camp. This camp was first located in Pietersburg but due to the appaling conditions in the Pietersburg  camp was moved to Pinetwown.

An update report on the Stellawood Cemetery Project shows that block AF and AD are completely photographed yielding over 700 new photographs.

"This edition tells how Durban has its very own castle - Coedmore Castle, in the Stainbank Reserve;  there is a write-up on July's talk on Researching.
WW1 History, given by our Chairman, Dave Honour;  a small item on the Marburg Norwegian Settlers;  news that the national Heritage Council is prepared to undertake the upkeep and repair of some of our War Graves; interesting websites and a couple of hints. "

"This final newsletter of 2013 goes down Memory Lane by way of a different sort of Advent Calendar;  there are the usual interesting websites and tips;  a report on the amount of work achieved this year at Stellawood Cemetery, and a genealogy game for all those who can identify "cousin's mother's sister's son" type relationships!!

"This newsletter gives feed back on our last two really instructive meetings. We have some very knowledgeable members who have helped by sharing their experience, tips and genealogical expertise. There are several interesting articles which make a great deal of reference to FamilySearch, and a new regular called "From our Library Shelves" which includes small precis on some of the books in our Library. Then, who remembers the "man with the golden banana - the NBS! "

"This edition has a write up on the talk given by Linda Ireland on the Preservation of old documents;  there are the usual updates on our Library and our Stellawood Cemetery project;  the world's oldest calendar is found in a Scottish field; an extract taken from William Lister's diary on his voyage to Natal in 1850;  the existence of the Durban Bank from 1862 to 1877 ..... and more"

As 2014 commemorates the beginning of WW2,  each newsletter this year will have at least one article pertaining to the Great War - with different aspects of the war covered.  There is a write-up on our visit in December to Mariannhill Monastery.  This visit began with a tour round the Museum where we saw the original printing press and learned how it operated and ended up with a tour of the ultra-modern and very hi tech Mariannhill Mission Press.  A challenge to start (a little bit late) a 52-week blog on aspects of your life;  National and International news;  interesting websites ... and more ...

This edition contains a tribute to Delyse Brown who was a very special associate at the Durban and Coastal branch.  Other articles include "A Japanese submarine and flying boat offensive off the Zululand Coast",  help in deciphering old handwriting from around the 1600s,  interesting websites,  a very pertinent question asked by one of our members,  our trip down 'Memory Lane',  and could London be France's 6th largest city?

"The latest newsletter gives feedback on our trip to St John the Baptist Church Cemetery in Pinetown, and also the talk given on the Killie Campbell Africana Museum, Durban, by their Senior Archivist, Emily Krige.  There is an update on the Stellawood Cemetery project - and the importance of the work of recording headstones and plaques while we are still able to!!  Newly-discovered food recipes from a 12th century Durham Priory manuscript have been found to pre-date the earliest known ones by 150 years ...  Who remembers the Sunderland flying boats based in Durban ...   and much more..."   

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