Getting started - Send my family tree

We often get the request: "Please send me my family tree". It would be wonderful if it were that easy.  However, the GSSA cannot assist with “ready-made” family trees – because there is no such thing.  We can only assist you to discover your own personal family tree.
Beware, the Internet is awash with family trees, which are often little more than randomly connected people with similar surnames. Without proper research, proof or references and trustworthy sources, these trees often have little substance or relevance.  … Genealogy is a bit like direction – if you start slightly off course, you will end up in completely the wrong place a few kilometres down the line. Similarly, if you get one ancestor wrong, much of your other data might prove to be inaccurate, too.
The best advice we can offer is: if you are really interested, get involved, invest your time in ensuring a quality family tree evolves and enjoy the experience – the journey will be worth your while.