Content of 2013 Chronicles

The story of Jeremiah Goldswain who wrote of the Settler country in his unique phonetical manner. An interesting story of Harold and Rosemary Burnett and their family. Anders Stockenström, the father of Sir Andries Stockenström. Extracts from the memoirs of Archdeacon AT Wirgman.

“What a clan” – the other Schreiners record the siblings of Olive Schreiner's siblings; Gottlob and Rebecca Schreiner's family tree included. Immigrants from the island of St Helena. The story of James and Rhoda Collett including their family tree. A tribute to two of our members: Rose Trehaeven and Liz Eshmade.

We record the life and times of the three interlinked families of Henry Lovemore; Lieut. Joseph Crowe and his sons Joseph Crowe VC and Thomas Crowe; and Joseph Storr Lister. Also the story of Dr George Dunsterville.

At our Les Williams Memorial Lecture our Guest Speaker was Liz Eshmade who spoke on the 1820 Settlers: The Scheme and the ordinary people. The Cawood family is listed as well as the McNaughton History.

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