A new section has been added to the eGGSA web site to bring  together the many transcripts we have available. Here, at South African Records Transcribed,  you can now find the Muster Rolls, and the Cape Baptisms and Marriages  1665-1696. These have been revised and corrected by Corney Keller and he has  just added to them a transcript of the Cape Town NGK marriages 1696 to 1712. You  will also find some earlier baptisms and marriages found in the De Stael letters  to the Amsterdam Classis, that Corney found in the Amsterdam Archives who have  given permission for the letters themselves to be transcribed - letter reports  to Amsterdam from Peter Stael, siekentrooster at the Cape from 1654 to 1663. Also  there is a transcript of the French baptism register of Drakenstein, 1694 to  1713, with translations into English.

In addition Corney has acquired scans of 25 soldijboeken of early 17th and 18th century settlers at the Cape which are displayed with the permission of the Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, Nederland, and also provided a transcript for a few of them.