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pdf Wes Kaap Nuusbrief 2019 1


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Hightlights in this Newsletter

  • 19 January 2019 - Branch AGM
  • 9 February 2019 - Guest Speaker  Dr Helen Robinson a leading re-searcher of old Cape Town suburbs, a noted historian and family re-searcher.
  • 9 March 2019 - Guest Speaker Mr Ebrahim Rhoda, a noted scholar and genealogist, whose theme was the Wentzel family who were prominent among the pioneering Muslim community of the Strand.
  • 16 March 2019 - The National GSSA Annual General Meeting held in Howick - feedback.
  • Forthcoming events


pdf Wes Kaap Nuusbrief 2017 2 Popular


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Lees in hierdie uitgawe van die Wes-Kaaptak se nuusbrief verslae oor hul April -Junie 2017 takbyeenkomste. Dit dek 'n wye verskeidenheid van onderwerpe wat interessante leesstof bied.

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pdf Wes Kaap Nuusbrief 2015 3 Popular


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pdf Wes Kaap Nuusbrief 2015 2 Popular


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As you can see from the various branch activities in this issue, we were, in the April meeting, educated on the Scandinavian origin of many of our fellow citizens.Most, if not all, of the members attending our May meeting were ignorant of the implications of the Pro-tection of Personal Information Act, which is now in force. There are many pitfalls awaiting ignorant researchers; these could lead to a great deal of trouble with the Law if one is not careful.Finally, the June meeting, entitled ’Bring and Brag’ was a great success and was enjoyed by all. We trust you will enjoy the read

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In collaboration with the Lutheran Church a team is currently processing and preserving documents dating back to the 1740's in order to make the information publicly accessible. Op 28 Maart het Andtew Kok en Simone Kay GGSA Weskaap verteenwoonig by die "Toeka tot Nou Fees te Westcliff Skool. Belville. Die hoogtepunt van die dag was die radio onderhoud wat Haidee Muller van RSG met Andrew gevoer het. Die Wes-Kaap sal laat weet wanneer die onerhoud uitgesaai sal word. Genealogist's Disease WARNING: Genealogy Pox (Very contagious to adults).

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Wes_Kaap Nuusbrief 2014-4.pdf

Ons finale nuusbrief is op ‘n ligter noot met heelwat humor, maar die gewone terugvoer oor takbedrywighede bly nie agterweë nie. Lees ook oor die GGSA se afsluitingsvergadering te Bloemfontein.
Our final newsletter is on a lighter tone with lots of humour. The usual feedback on branch activities have not been forgotten though. Therer is also some feedback on the GSSA’s closing function in Bloemfontein.

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Ons doen verslag oor ons baie geslaagde praatjie en uitstalling buy die Wellington museum asook oor Martie du Toit se Chrismar Villas projek. Daar is ‘n lys van nuwe boeke in ons takbiblioteek en ook ‘n oorsig oor die nuwe Capansis.
We report back on our very successful exhibition and talk at the Wellington museum as well as on Martie du Toit’s Chrismar Villas project. There is a list of new books in our branch library and we also give a short summary of the new Capensis.

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Benewens die gereelde verslae oor takvergaderings en uitstallings, is daar in hierdie uitgawe ook ‘n fotoverslag oor die GGSA 50 fees te Joostenberg. Die leser kan ook ons genealogie humor geniet. Over and the above the regular reports on branch meetings and exhibitions, there is also a photo article on the GGSA 50 celebrations at Joostenberg. The reader can also enjoy our genealogy humour.

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Danie van den Berg  vrywilliger by die South African War Graves Project. Die doel van die projek is om ‘n virtuele foto-argief daar te stel met foto’s van Suid-Afrikaners en Rhodesiërs wat gesterf het in oa. die Anglo-Boereoorlag, die twee Wêreldoorloeë, die Koreaanse oorlog, die Grensoorlog en ook polisie-mag lede. Meer informasie in die nuusbrief. An enthusiastic group of Cape Town Genealogical Society members recently enjoyed a most interesting historical train tour in the beautiful Hex River valley, read more in the newsletter.

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In our last Newsletter for the year, you will find all the usual suspects such as news on our meetings, a bit of humour, a list of new library acquisitions and a book review. We also tell our member about the exciting competitions that are planned around the GSSA's 50th birthday celebrations.

pdf Western Cape Newsletter 2013-3 Popular


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The Exhibition Team was busy this past quarter. Read all about their activities.
We also publish a poem written by the late Richard Laing, well known genealogist. He gave the poem to Western Cape branch member, Marilyn Coetzee, many years ago.

pdf Western Cape Newsletter 2013-2 Popular


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This newsletter is packed with news and photos of our activities the past 3 months. We continue to introduce other branches to our readers. Also: see the list with latest additions to our library

pdf Western Cape Newsletter 2013-1 Popular


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Wes-Kaap Nuusbrief 2013-1.pdf

In this first newsletter of 2013, we start a new series where we introduce all the branches of GGSA. Through the course of the year, we will cover all 13 branches. We also tell the reader more about what happened at our branch meetings as well as the AGM and we bring you some humour and news on new publications.

pdf Western Cape Newsletter 2012 Number 4 Popular


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Wes-Kaap Nuusbrief 2011-4.pdf

This is the last Newsletter for the year and as always we bring you news of our activities, but in keeping with the holiday season, we also have some more light-hearted items.

pdf Western Cape Newsletter 2012 Number 3 Popular


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nuusbrief 2012-3.pdf

In this newsletter we give feedback of our last three meetings as feedback on the Northern Transvaal branch's visit to the Western Cape.

There is also an article about the Krige Museum and lastly the reader can learn some more about two new publications.

pdf Western Cape Newsletter 2012 Number 2 Popular


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Wes-Kaap Nuusbrief 2012-2.pdf

In this second newsletter for 2012, we bring you up to speed with all our activities of the past three months. There is a lovely article by Elsje van der Linde in the Eureka section and handy bits and pieces in the Snippets section. Laugh with us in the humour section and in the book section you can read up on some new publications.

pdf Western Cape Newsletter 2012 number 1 Popular


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nuusbrief 2012-1.pdf

In this first Newsletter for 2012 we bring you news from the AGM in Uniondale and the workshop in George. There is also a lovely Eureka contribution and you can get to know all the Western Cape recipients of awards as handed out at the AGM.