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There were three or four Strickers that came to South Africa from Germany and Switzerland.

  1. Heinrich STRICKER, born in Brocken, Prussia
  2. L. STRICKER, born in Germany. He could the same as Louis (son of Heinrich, above
  3. Wilhelm STRICKER, born abt 1857 in Hamburg, Germany
  4. Jacob STRICKER, born abt 1838, Switzerland

There were two Ueckermanns that came to South Africa from the town Mecklenburg in Germany.
1) Heinrich Julius Frederich Christiaan Ueckermann, born 20 Jul 1827. Nothing is known about his parents.
2) Carl August Friedrich Ueckermann, born 19 Jul 1837. He arrived with his Mother, Dorothea Marie Helena Carolina Martiz. Nothing is known about his father George Godfried Ueckermann. In 1861 Heinrich Ueckermann acquired part of the Farm Langlaagte and established a general dealer at the crossing of Port Natal (Durban) /Potchefstroom road, with the main road between Cape Town and Pretoria. In 1865 he appointed T.W. Fannin as surveyor for a town development, which named after his alma mater in Germany, and Heidelberg was established in 1866.

In die Middel-Bossiesveld, Robertson se wêreld, woon daar op die plaas Wansbek# in die Agterkliphoogte aan die Poesjenelsrivier al geslagtelank die familie Erasmus. Hulle voorvader is twee honderd jaar gelede in die vallei gebore.  In 1838, tien jaar ná sy dood, word die plaas De Fontein geregistreer vir Rasmus Daniel Erasmus. Dit was dus Rasmus Daniel, en sy vrou Sophia Maria de Kock, van De Fontein wat die Erasmusse in die Agterkliphoogte ‘geplant’ het. Volgens oorlewering het hulle kort ná die begin van die 19e eeu ‘uit die rigting van Botrivier oor die berg getrek’ en hulle op De Fontein, taamlik hoogop in die vallei, gevestig

Het u geweet.........?  Al die Duvenage, Duvenhage en ander spelvorms van die van in Suid-Afrika is direkte familie van mekaar! Daar was net een stamvader, Abraham Duvinage, wat in 1765 in Cabo De Goede Hoop (Kaapstad) aangekom het. Abraham het as soldaat aan wal gestap en later 'n bakker en boer geword. Almal van ons wat 'n Duvenage. Duvenhage of du Venage vader of moeder het, is die nageslag van Abraham se twee seuns.
Ek deel dit graag met almal, en vra net dat almal wat dit aflaai "vrywillig" al hulle Duvenage /Duvenhage inligting aan my sal stuur. E-pos:

In my attempts to establish the facts for an article published in Genesis February 2007, I have reconstructed a large part of the first three Gous generations from the various documents that I consulted and I take the opportunity of presenting the first two generations here, since there is some variation between what I have found and what is presented in De Villiers / Pama and SAG. This family tree can also be seen on my personal web site The Gous Family of the Cape where the detailed source for every piece of information is also provided, as also the article Which Pieter Gous was Aletta Vorster’s husband?

By Richard Ball

born in 1798 in Westminister, London, was baptised on 1 March 1799 in St. Mary, Lambeth, Surrey, London by Rector Emmanuel W. Vyse and died on 20 December 1847 in Whittlesea,
Eastern Cape South Africa4 aged 49.

by Darryl Allwright

by Jos le Roux

This edition is considered a Preliminary Edition and makes no claim to being complete in its present form. I consider it as a living and dynamic document, where there will always be room for improvement and expansion. The purpose of this Preliminary Edition is to allow members of the Krynauw family and other interested parties the opportunity to verify the existing information and to point out any errors, inaccuracies or missing information.At the same time the research will continue - new information and sources are still being discovered and utilized. It should, therefore, not be considered as an end product but rather as a work in progress and future editions are foreseen.

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