Die Uys Familie deur JFK de Villiers


There are three large branches in the family: b1c2, b1c4 and b1c5. Only the descendants of people carrying the surname of Uys have been recorded. Females and their offspring should be traced through their married surnames. There is only one recorded instance where the children of a female Uys used the maternal surname (b1c2d4e3f8g6h3).
This work includes an alphabetical index of family members born prior to 1984 as well as an alphabetical index of spouses. An attempt was made to update date of death and place of burial. The South African Genealogical Society’s Gravestone project was found very helpful in this regard. Unfortunately not all tombstones have been photographed, especially in the larger cemeteries.
Although the bulk of the work is in Afrikaans, important information such as date and place of birth, date and place of death and site of burial needs no further explanation. 
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