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Interessante Toeristeplekke

Hier is 'n paar interessante plekke wat jy met behulp van Google Earth, of in die Werklike Lewe, kan besoek.


Wes Kaap, Agulhas, Ligtoring

 Oos Kaap, Hankey, Sarah Bartman

Grave at Cape Agulhas

Die mees suidelike graf in Afrika! 'n Aansig van Kaap Agulhas Ligtoring, met die enkele graf: "Daisy Rowe. Oorlede 28.01.1899 weens witseerkeel 7 maande oud. Dogter van A Rowe, Ligtoringwagter te Kaap Agulhas 1899 - 1901."

Besigtig die

Grave of Sarah Bartmann

"Dit is paslik dat Sarah hier ter ruste gelê is naby haar geboorteplek waar haar siel rus sal vind tussen die heuwels en rustige omgewing van die Gamtoosvallei".

Besigtig die album


Begrafplase rondom Barberton Die ou Nchanga Myn Begrafplaas in Zambia


Let op die Fairview Begraafplaas bo-op die berg


Nou begrawe onder die rommelhope van die Oopgroefmyn.

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Crystal_Clear_app_emailFor queries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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The Cemetery DVD Project

The Cemetery DVD Project

We collect name information from various sources (headstones, memorials, registers etc) and publish this data annually in DVD form.

DVD 14 Image




The DVD is searchable by name, cemetery etc. DVD 14 published in March 2016 contains 765,671 names from 3047 cemeteries. 

For further information contact the DVD Data Coordinator Peter Moss. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The DVD can be ordered from the e-shop on

Cemetery Recording Reports

You will find a number of reports in our Cemetery Project Updates & Reports

Die begraafplaas DVD bevat 765 671 grafsteen transkripsies.  Die projek is nie identies met die Fotoprojek nie

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How accurate is the information and how frequently is it updated?

Crystal_Clear_app_calcEvery effort is made to ensure that the information is as accurate as possible but inaccuracies do arise, mainly due to the following:

• Locations derived from the 1:50000 maps have the double disadvantage of being scaled and read off the paper map, and also the coordinates are Cape System and not the worldwide WGS84 used by Google Earth and GPS receivers. We are correcting these coordinates as time permits.
• Use of incorrect GPS datum by recorders.
• The chance of inaccuracies during the coordinate recording and data processing stages.
• Some areas of the Google Earth maps are “fuzzy”, so accurate cemetery locations cannot be obtained and approximations are used.

As far as possible, we note the accuracy level of the coordinates and audit the locations shown for correctness.

The data is updated at the end of each month so keep an eye out for new revisions.

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