Dead ends - Challenges and solutions

Nico StassenMicro timelines: Wilhelm Bernhardt,  Saturday, 11 June 2022
Wilhelm indicated, on the basis of his own research, how a researcher, who ends up in a dead-end street, with the help of timelines, can make a search run smoothly again. The use of different dimensions such as chronology, geography (places, maps), social (weddings, births, deaths) economics (occupation, status, depression) and politics (party affiliation, voter lists).
To illustrate this method, he showed his results from his search for one branch of his family history.  He used Excel. The suggestions are practical and can be applied to one's own search.
DREYER Annemarie photo
DNA: Annemarie Dreye, Saturday, 11 June 2022
"Breaking down your genealogy brick wall by using DNA results"

Annemarie warns that DNA is not a shortcut to finding solutions to missing information to complete your family tree but takes some work once you received your results.  She sheds light on various DNA testing agencies, such as Ancestry, MyHeritage, FamilytreeDNA and LivingDNA.  It is also advisable to remember that no one is an island and people are connected to one another, therefore your results can be used to discover unknown lines in your ancestry.

She gave practical tips on how to deal with the information to expand one's search for family by using your DNA results and your matches family trees.