Our slave ancestors?

DELANEY Carol PHOTO 2021 02 13Aubrey Springveldt, 13 March 2021
The question mark can mean denial but in fact it is a challenge to all South Africans to dig into their past and many will discover that there is a slave ancestor in the genealogical register.
The interesting presentation clearly depicted the often-forgotten tragedy of slaves as well as their pain and marginalisation.
He illustrated with examples how the slaves became part of our ancestors. Slave women in particular were imported from Asia.
Some of the white slave owners fathered children with their slaves and some of the children were included in the owner's household, especially if the child looked European. Some of the freed slave women were also married to whites.
An interesting case study is the one by Carolina Charlotte Weber.  Aubrey did in depth research of her history.
He recited the poem by Diane Ferus: Ons kom vandaan, a sad poem about our slave ancestors.
This talk was very well received and many questions were asked during question time.