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Newsletter No 74 November 2015
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“Henry Bowe’s widow and children stayed at the “Thatched Tavern” next to the old TownHall, about the last inn in Cape town to have a sign board.”This quote from family papers sent me on a quest – where was the Thatched Tavern and what happened to it? Originally built in 1757 it survived in various forms until the late 1900’s when it succumbed to “progress”. Join us for an illustrated story of the building over the 200 years of its existence – a presentation by Margaret Gundry

Newsletter No 75 December 2015
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Read Dave Kinghorn's overview of the activities of the branch. There were a few outstanding contributions.
He also addressed the membership status of the branch, something of value for all members of the GSSANeed to ask questions like
− What contribution have I made to the branch?
− What have I learned and what new skills have I developed?
− How can I improve in terms of my own research and furthering the good of the GSSA as a body?
− To start off with, it is important to recognize why people join non-profit organizations and what causes them to be fully functioning and effective board members. People join non-profits out of a passion for the issues or cause, personal experiences or because someone they know asked them to join.

Newsletter No 78 March 2016
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Our speaker this month is George Shaw and he has sent a very comprehensive e-mail to David explaining his lifelong interest in Genealogy as well as his story of the diary.The Boer War Diary of Jocelyn F de F Shaw.Last month David gave a talk on the Lighthouse Stevensons and the lighthouses they had built along the coast of Scotland. Among them is the Bell Rock lighthouse, built on a rock that is only exposed for four hours a day. Also read the Story of Durban High School that celebrates 150 years

Newsletter No 79 April 2016
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Lees oor die ontdekking wat gedoen is tov die Langklaagte Begraafplaas. Na ons onlangse besoek aan die Langlaagte- begraafplaas (tussen die spoorlyne) was ek baie nuuskierig oor die geskiedenis en ontstaan van die begraafplaas. Ek, Neels Coertse & Willie Botha [‘n gemeenskaplike vriend] wat vir ons die presiese plek gaan uitwys het, het 30 Desember 2015 na Langlaagte gery en foto’s daar geneem. Dis werklikwaar tussen die treinspore ingewig hoewel die eenkant van die spoorlyn in baie jare nie gebruik was nie.

Newsletter No 81 June 2016
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David wrote the report on a very successful "Show and Tell" held last month when nearly every member present had a story to tell. Then there is an answer to the question posed - What was the role of the Orphan Chamber? From the Ancestry website. We have 5 tips to find missing birth records of your English ancestors and I was playing on Google earth when I saw Arlington Cemetery. The information on this enormous cemetery came from Wikipedia.

Newsletter No 82 July 2016
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Read all about the Concentration Camp Symposium of the North West Branch. A second topic of interest concerns finding the fatehr of an illegimate child. Information regarding the work of Yvette Hoitink a professional genealogist in the Netherlands. Read the story about Denys Reitz book "No Outspan."

Newsletter No 83 August 2016
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In hierdie uitgawe kan u kennis maak met Lucas Rinken en sy nuwe bruid.

Newsletter No 55 March 2014
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As 2014 commemorates the beginning of WW2,  each newsletter this year will have at least one article pertaining to the Great War - with different aspects of the war covered.  There is a write-up on our visit in December to Mariannhill Monastery.  This visit began with a tour round the Museum where we saw the original printing press and learned how it operated and ended up with a tour of the ultra-modern and very hi tech Mariannhill Mission Press.  A challenge to start (a little bit late) a 52-week blog on aspects of your life;  National and International news;  interesting websites ... and more ...

Newsletter No 58 June 2014
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"Continuing with our "war" theme, (in commemoration of the beginning of WW1), there is an article on the role Durban played in WW1 and also the story of the connection between the Wipers Times (a magazine published by soldiers on the Front Line),  the Sherwood Foresters and the area of Sherwood, Durban.  One of our members given us an extract on her family's involvement regarding the Siege of Kimberley.  As always, there are some helpful websites including a fairly new one for Mauritian researchers, and some genealogy humour."

Newsletter No 64 January 2015
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*     Levien Smuts and Annette Goussard were responsible for lodging photos of       a small farm cemetery, Samehaling, between Aroab and Karasburg.
*    Farm cemeteries Buffelspoort 343 and Buffelsfontein 344, Mooinooi are             now available on the eGGSA site. The former is a predominantly Janse van       Rensburg cemetery and the latter contains Janse van Rensburg, Viljoen and       Barnard headstones. Both were photographed by John Schwartz.

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