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Newsletter No 34a May 2012
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International Red Cross Day is on the 8th May and in this issue of our newsletter we tell the story of Henry Dunant, founder of the International Red Cross. We also give a short history of the toen of Uniondale, where the NEC AGM was recently held. Margaret tells of a visit to Wakkerstroom, when she attended a plaque unveiling and then there's a story of an unveiling that she and Natalie missed by one day! Enjoy and send us feedback. We love to hear from readers.

Newsletter No 36 July 2012
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HM FRIGATE UNICORN - wonderful detail supported by photographs by Donald Halley
Report back on our talk on Patronymics and report about the "old" Familysearch website by Nat da Silva
A tale of success with the Parliament Library in Ct by Margaret Gundry
New uploads available at LDS website - Nat da Silva
Snippets about Roberts Heights and Pretoria
Details of our forthcoming meetings.

Newsletter No 37 August 2012
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"Last month we mentioned the new information  downloaded onto the site and this month we bring you two success stories. Natalie and Margaret relate how they started Genealogy and we include an article on the Natal Foundation Society plus a bit of light relief on the back page. Enjoy the newsletter and tune in to our Thursday program on Radio Today."

Newsletter No 38 September 2012
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September Newsletter

Letter from the Chairman.
Report on choice of a bible for restoration.
A Scottish baby and some Genealogy Tips.
Branch questionnaire for a course to be held in the not too distant future.

Newsletter No 39 October 2012
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Finally success. A search on in the Cape Death Records for Graaff Reinet revealed a death record of a great grandfather. A chilling note about children standing in awe as prisoners are being loaded on ox wagons en route to their execution.
An intersting revelation about the construction of the Brige across the River Kwai.

Newsletter No 40 November 2012
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1. Sewende Paul Kruger gedenklesing.
2. Who “Hansupped” Winston – Follow-up article.
3. Oorlogstorie -  CJ Scheepers – Strydom
4. Die Broers Opperman – Bouers van die Geref Kerk.
5. Dopper – Vanwaar
6. Susanna Maria Vs Susanna Maria Margaretha. – dieselfde name ly tot verwarring.
7. Publication of the Year – Penelope Ann Forrest
8. Toekenning vir Uitnemendheid – Me. ME Pretorius.
9. Sosiale blad.
10. Agterblad – Die Ruiter van Skimmelperdpan.

Newsletter No 41 December 2012
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A proper Christmas newsletter

Newsletter N0 43 January 2013
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A list of genealogical references in the library of the North West Branch

Newsletter N0 44 March 2013
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"See the sad state of the Bezuidenhout Family Cemetery in Bezuidenhout Park, as reported in the Star.Read about Just Nuisance - I wonder if his grave is listed on the eGSSA site! Start reading the Diary of Dr Morrow, a doctor who did a Locum in Uniondale during the Boer War and Check if your ancestor is among the South Africans who served in the Royal air Force during WW1. We list 744 of the 2-3000."

Newsletter No 47 June 2013
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My Wish: I want ancestors who could read and write, had their children baptised in recognised houses of worship, went to school, purchased land, left detailed wills (naming a huge extended family as legatees), had their photographs taken once a year - subsequently putting said pictures in elaborate isinglass frames annotated with calligraphic inscriptions, and carved valuable and informative inscriptions in their headstones. Read more:  Now it's easy to find out as these fascinating records are available online for the first time, in association with the Royal Archives. Previously the records were only accessible at Windsor Castle by appointment.