Nuusbbrief Oktober 2013


Read about the Talbot family, who were ennobled in the 15th century as the Earls of Shrewsbury, owned most of Sheffield and rose to become one of England's most influential families under the Tudor dynasty.
The GALWAY CASTLE was built in 1911 by Harland & Wolff (think Titanic!) at Belfast. She had a short but exciting life! She was the last ship to be delivered before the company was taken over by Royal Mail. The following extract is from “Bird of Paradise” by Daphne Saul. Read the fascinating story of José who was a passenger on the Galway Castle. At 07.30 hrs on 12th September 1918 when two days out from Plymouth, she was torpedoed by U-82 and her back was broken. At the time she was carrying about 400 South African walking wounded, 346 passengers and 204 crew members.

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