Die Delwer The Digger Junie 2017


Die Delwer   The Digger Junie 2017

Read in this edition: This month we have a rather mixed bag of articles which I find very intriguing and fascinating. I trust that you will agree with me. Francois Greeff, all the way from London sent me his article THE REPUBLICS SOUTH OF THE LIMPOPO during 2015 although he wrote it already during 2006. It was only recently that it took on a different meaning especially after Lucas Rinken’s article AN ATTEMPT TO SHOW HISTORICALLY CORRECT PLACE NAMES was published in the March 2017 DIE DELWER/THE DIGGER. Lucas’s article attracted a lot of attention; I do hope that Francois’ article will likewise attract a lot of attention. 2 Following on Francois’ is Hennie Van Aswegen’s B3C8D1E1 JAN DANIEL KRIGE (E-SAGI 747355). I want to congratulate Hennie with his article [FAMILIA Volume 52-2017 at page 53] that was published in FAMILIA. and more.....