Die Delwer Julie 2018 The Digger July 2018


WEST GAUTENG’S STORY ABOUT THEIRCEMETERY PROJECT The object of this story is definitely not to show you gangsters headstones in South Africa. We can, however, if we really want to, compile such a list and start off with Demitri Tsafendas, you remember him? He killed Dr H.F. Verwoerd] who is buried in Sterkfontein. Our branch’s leader for the GSSA cemetery project is Giel Nel. He is at the helm for a number of years already. Just a few members of our branch go quite regularly to Sterkfontein to take photographs of the gravestones. Yes, we can do with more members and public who want to help. There are more than 40’000 gravestones to photograph. And more.......

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