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Many genealogists work for years to establish a family register and family history. Mostly this calls for patience and perseverance. Once completed the researcher can either publish the story, or present it to family members. Often the researcher wishes to tell all the people out there of his achievement. A website is created and then what? How does one get the outside world to take note of the site? On this page we create an opportunity for researchers to publicise their websites. Please send us the detail and also some background pertaining to the website. We will create a link to the website that is available to all that wishes to learn more of a particular family and also to see what has been done to create an informative and interesting website.
Norval Genealogy and History in South Africa
I have a keen interest in our Norval Family history and have been for a number of years been researching the people and surnames that have contributed to me being here. The surname Maritz comes from my wife’s side of the family and I am slowly gathering information on their family history.
Website Title:            Norval Genealogy and History in South Africa   Website Address:
The Jooste Family Website:
contains information about the Jooste family in general and its notable non-Jooste relatives.  It will be updated on an ongoing basis and is open to the public for now. (2020)
Website Title:            The Jooste Family       Website Address:
The Burger Family:
Juan and Sarel Burger are at the helm of the BURGER family website:
They collect information regarding all the descendants of the progenitor of the family, Barend Burger. It includes families in neighbouring countries, eg. Namibia. There were a number of Burgers from the Netherlands but no descendants could be traced. The descendants of the German Settler to the Eastern Cape, Johan Samuel  Friedrich BURGER has been added.
Northern Cape Families.
This includes family research of all the families in Calvinia, Fraserburg, Vanrhynsdorp, Williston, Brandvlei, Kenhardt, Kakamas, and Upington that lived or grew up in these towns. Please join and assist me in compiling your family history and preserve it for future generations. Come and share your thoughts on the peacefulness of the area and its people, our people. Click Here
The Olivier Family of South Africa.
This is a modest effort to bring the Olivier family in South Africa (and elsewhere) closer to each other, to gather information about the family and make it available to all that may be interested. Josey Olivier's Website
The Swanepoels.
Research was initially conducted by PC Van Reenen (Cicil) and for the past 8 years jointly continued by her and JJ Swanepoel (Koot), both descendants of Philippus Johannes Cornelius SWANEPOEL *3 Dec 1815. Although there is a greater focus on PJC's ancestors/ descendants, much work was also been done on the ancestors of both researchers and their families. Where possible, emphasis was placed on the families of their spouses and their siblings. Tribalpages
Morkel Family.
The progenitor, Philip Morkel arrived at the Cape in 1708. The Morkel webpage describes his descendants - in Southern Africa and the Morkel diaspora overseas.    Morkel
Cilliers, Celliers, Cellier, Cillie -Family.
All about the Cilliers, Celliers, Cellier, Cillie - Family. This page is part of the Cilliers pedigree where the Cilliers-/ Celliers-/ Cillie ancestors and descendants are being researched. You can also read the history of Josue Celiier, the progenitor of the Celliers-/Cilliers- and Cillie families. Click here
The Vermeulen family register, including all the Vermeulens, as far as could be determined. The family register is not included on the Vermeulen website but it mostly covers the "Vermeulen  Bond" activities. Bond
Van de Haar.
Where do we come from? Who are our ancestors? How far back do we go? Many of us have asked this question during our lifetime! For us here in Africa this was always a difficult question, most genealogy info available was from word of mouth (family members), little scraps of paper or written in Family Bibles. This is an ongoing project, far from complete. Please feel free to comment or email me with any additions or suggestions! Vandehaar
De Waal.
The family register is available on the De Waal Website in either MS word or PDF format. Click on any one to see the full register. Hendrik Louw
This Facebook group concerns the Smit Family in South Africa, descendants of Jan Smit and Anna Tol. Not descendants of Erasmus Smit. Mostly includes The Sandveld and Coenradenberg Smits. Sandveld
I am the "webmaster" of I established the webpage in the middle 1990's to introduce my family history and to establish contact with family members. I've been working on the family history of the Barkhuizens for 30 years. Around 5000 names are included in the register. Barkhuiz
Researching a family tree is a long, slow process, and I will present this information bit by bit, as I progress. It is intended to be a tribute to the powerful ancestors that contributed to my existence – Roets and Bezuidenhout families and the close relatives on my Father's side, and later on, I hope to add my Mother's Potgieter and Van Rensburg records as well. It would not have been possible without the help of a number of people and organisations – credits elsewhere on this site.
Ongoing contributions sincerely appreciated! Connie Griessen
The website was established to create a home for the family information of the Holtzhausen family in South Africa. Much work still has to be done on the website. Everybody's help is required to update the information in the genealogical register and to rectify incorrect and incomplete data. Helgard
Vorster, Hans / Jan born Berne [Foster]. Arrived 13 May 1717 as sailor on Velsenhoofd. While at Paarl he married Elisabeth, daughter of Barend Lubbe, one time partner of Jan Margra of Lutry VD and now farming on Wolwedans between Paardeberg and the Mosselbank River The marriage is not recorded in any church register. From 1724 onwards Vorster and his wife are recorded at the Cape, the last time in 1728. It is probable that Vorster died at the end of that year.If you have any questions or comments about the information on this site, please contact us. We look forward to hearing from you. Vorster
The Conradies are all descendants of founder Friedrich Henrich CONRADIJ of Marburg (present Germany) and was born during 1668. He arrived on Friday, January 21, 1689 as a soldier of the VOC in the Cape. On Tuesday, January 1, 1692 he became Vryburger of Cabo de Goede Hoop. He got married on October 7, 1703 to Hermina Harmenszoon of Dodewaard, Gelderland (Holland). They had two sons, but all South African Conradies descended from the first son, Johannes Henricus, on 21 September 1710 baptised in the Dutch Reformed Church of Cabo de Goede Hoop (now Cape Town). Currently, the spelling of the name of these descendants of is CONRADIE, but the original spelling was Conradi, CONRADIJ, Coenraad, CONRAADS, COENRADI and COENRADIEConradie
van Blerk/van Blerck family.
Nicolaas van Blerk was born in 1704 in Venlo, Province of Limburg, Netherlands and is the progenitor of the van Blerk family of South Africa. This report contains the history of this family as researched and compiled by Clifford Roy van Blerk, with additional information obtained from Carl van Blerk and Margaret Hilda Cox. I would also like to thank Willie van Blerk Louw for obtaining copies of relevant documentation from The Namibian National Archive in Windhoek, and last but not least Steve Herbert, author and historian.
In loving memory of my father Edward Roy van Blerk.  By Clifford Roy van Blerk
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