Peter & Berverley  MossPeter Moss 2021
Peter was born in the UK in 1943 and came to SA in 1952. In 1957 they moved to Lusaka in Northern Rhodesia (later Zambia), which was the start of the Moss Treks up and down Africa. Peter had attended St John’s College in Johannesburg, now went to Gilbert Rennie School in Lusaka and then Prince Edward in Salisbury. The following big step was 3 years at Leeds University in UK, from where he graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Mechanical Engineering in 1962. He returned to start work on the Zambian copper mines.
Beverley was born in Mufulira on the Zambian Copperbelt in 1952 and attended her primary school years there.  From 1966 to 1969 she attended Arundel Girls School in Salisbury, after which she returned home to the Zambian Copperbelt and started secretarial work on the mines.
Peter and Beverley met on the mine in Chililabombwe, some five kms south of the Congolese border, in 1973. They were married there in 1975, and their sons Stewart (1977) and Adrian (1978) arrived shortly thereafter. They were then transferred to Kitwe in 1981, where Peter was Engineering Manager on the mine until 1984, before undertaking the longest portion of the Moss Trek to date – SA. Peter then continued his career with the mines until his retirement in 2017 – over 50 years working in the industry.
Beverley had started her genealogy even before our inevitable move to SA, undertaken by remote telephone calls from Kitwe to Harare (no cell data in those days) – Peter always did wonder why the bills were so high! Following our arrival in SA in 1984, we made an early trip to the main family farm cemetery at Grootvlei just south of Nylstroom, and of course faithfully recorded the family cemetery inscriptions. We were hooked!