Index of Articles Published in Famila

Written by Ferdie Van Wyk.

Papers published in Familia

Vol 1-53
Compiled by Thys du Preez- Pretoria 18 1 1917


In the 1939 a small group of South African genealogists under the leadership of Prof. S. Engelbrecht founded the first South African Genealogical Association. As the association was unable to publish it's own magazine, space for genealogical articles was provided in the publication Historical Studies. Unfortunately the Association was dissolved due to a lack of interest and the outbreak of the Second World War.
The second attempt was made in 1964 in the Western Cape at the historic farm Joostenberg, close to Stellenbosch, the property of Mr. P. Myburg. At this meeting it was decided to establish a society which was then founded at a later meeting in Cape Town on the 17th of  June 1964. The first executive committee of the Genealogical Society of South Africa consisted of: Rev. H. Hopkins (Chairman); Mr. I. Mitford-Barberton (Vice-Chairman); Dr. J.A. Heese (Secretary); Mr. P.A. Myburg (Treasurer) and Dr. C. Pama (Editor).
Within ten years the membership grew to more than three hundred. The main achievement of the society then, was publication of a genealogical quarterly named Familia which has since been published every quarter.
The  content of all the Familia publications since 1964 until  1999 is presently available on CDROM. Also back copies of Familia are available. Both items can be ordered from the Society.

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