Western Cape Tour 2020 /2021


Archive Tours planned for 2020/2021

One day one realises how hectic the corona danger is and the next day one may observe that the slackening of the lockdown rules happen sooner and faster than anticipated... all over the world. Anything can happen.  Everybody noticed that this year.

Western Cape Archive Tour : The GSSA doubts whether this tour can still be done during 2020. 

  • In the first place it was planned for August which is quite soon,
  • Secondly participants have to fly to Cape Town and across provincial borders and
  • Thirdly we have guests who come from other countries and therefore those must be allowed to travel from overseas without the present quarantine rule. 

But the organizer will keep on preparing until the okay is given for some time in the first half of 2021.  It will then be a combined 2020/2021 tour.

This would also give more GSSA members the chance to book as participants.  Space is still available.  The programme starts on a Sunday morning and ends five days later on Friday night.  Cost R 8,000. The deposit is R3,000 and will be refunded in full should the tour need to be cancelled.


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