As per custom, the work done by members of the GSSA and others in the field of genealogy was acknowledged at the Awards Ceremony during the 2018 Annual General meeting of the GSSA These awards are based on recommendation and thorough motivation by branches and individuals who are members of the Society..
Gerard GeldenhuysThis award was earned by Prof Gerhard Geldenhuys. Gerhard Geldenhuys, Emeritus Professor in Applied Mathematics, University of Stellenbosch, has been a member of the Society and attached to the Western Cape Branch since 1976. Over the years, he served the branch in various capacities, including branch chairman in the early 1980s and as member (including convener) of the Capensis editorial committee from 1992 to date.
During this period, Gerhard made several exceptional contributions that made a noticeable difference in the field of South African genealogy, but it is especially his involvement in various studies on communicable diseases where he proves the role of genealogy as auxiliary science in medical research. In 2017 Gerhard is honoured by the SA Academy of Science and Art with the Huguenot Society and DF-du-Toit-Malherbe Prize for Genealogical Research. The importance of his research is evident from the recognition message of Prof PA Brink
Professor Gerhard Geldenhuys is honoured for the special role played by his genealogical research in the unravelling of the molecular causes of certain highly inherited cardiac muscle and movement diseases. Knowledge of the extent of the relationship between the caregivers has played a major role in finding causal genes and, where none was known, explaining the varying degrees of severity of the diseases due to other influences.
Johan Barkhuizen
For the genealogist the Barkhuizen Family Register offers comprehensive and unique research material which offers a fresh look at family research. This is not just a family register, but it's the way the author sets it up, to reproduce the history of the ancestor and his progeny and descendants. This is a version of history that not only broadens the knowledge about our country and people, but also the process of early settlement in the country. The Barkhuizen Family Register is a genealogical work that is a scientific testimonial of outstanding research over a period of 40 years.       
The Barkhuizen Family Register is certainly one of the most outstanding genealogical publications that have been published and with this publication, the author managed to broaden and enrich the standard and field of genealogical research. Johan Barkhuizen is surely a worthy recipient of this award.
The Golden Banner Award is awarded by the President of the Society to individuals who provide special service to the Society and its members. This award is made for special contributions that are of great value to the genealogical community. This award has this year been given to Rita Quebbemann, Hester Marx, Matthew Bode and Margaret Gundry. The President of the GSSA's Gold Banner Award awarded to Rita Quebbemann and Hester Marx for their continued contribution to the GSSA's members with the search and listing of relevant genealogical information from newspapers. Congratulations and a big thank you for this ongoing effort. Matthew Bode is a young man who enjoys helping people with genealogical research in South Africa and abroad. He has a YouTube channel where he regularly uploads new videos with explanations of how to locate South African records on familysearch.org. Margaret Gundry received the award for her absolute dedication in sustaining the wellbeing of the Johannesburg Branch editor of the branch newsletter and her ongoing research of St Helena and its people.
 Matthew Bode Red Margaret Gundry   Hester Marx Red   Rita Quebbeman
                       From left to right: Matthew Bode, Margaret Gundry, Hester Marx and Rita Quebbemann               
THE EXTRA MILE Award      
This award is made by the President of the GGSA to members of the Society for diligent work to make available genealogical data to the family research community. The extra mile awards this year go to three members, Willieta de Swardt of the Southern Cape Branch for her ongoing research on the De Swardt family during more than thirty years. Maureen Schnittker of the Durban and Coastal Branch for the photography of the Stellawood Cemetery in Durban and Alta le Roux also from the Southern Cape Branch for the work to record the church registers in the Southern Cape.
Sam Basch
The award was initiated by the Northern Transvaal Branch of the GSSA. They appoint a panel of three adjudicators for this purpose. The judges were unanimous in their decision. This award goes to Sam J Basch for his article “Of Mine and Mines – A Brief Look at Descendants of Alexander Basch in South Africa.” The article appeared in FAMILIA Volume 54 – 2017  Nommer / Number 1  




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