2018 Annual General Meeting of the GSSA - Report

The GGSA Annual General Meeting was presented this year at the Wilderness Hotel located on the Garden Route between George and Knysna. The hosts were the Southern Cape Branch of the GSA. From the outset, it became clear that this branch went out of their way to make the AGM a success. The chairman, Abri de Swardt and his team should be congratulated on this attempt.
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The AGM started exactly in time and after the welcome address by President, Simon du Plooy, the work started in earnest. The agenda was long but the issues were addressed as a matter of urgency.
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One of the challenges for the GGSA is to reverse the age profile of its members by recruiting younger people. Currently, the members are mainly older people. Each branch is to conduct research so as to address the situation at branch level.
The National Council decided that the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the 1820 Settlers be squarely placed on the shoulders of the branches and their members. In the run-up to the celebrations, it was decided to focus the archival tour of 2019 specifically on visits to various archives in the Eastern Cape. It is also planned to fill all the editions of the FAMILIA 2020 with articles about the 1820 Settlers. The Eastern Cape Branch will link with local authorities to participate in activities that take place in the Eastern Cape.
The Finance of the GGSA has been examined in detail and the treasurer has given a thorough account of the state of affairs. The statements will be audited before submission to the receiver of revenue.
One of the many highlights of the AGM was the presentation by Dennis Pretorius regarding the progress with the development of the GGSA Web Shop. In short, it is expected that data in future will be purchased from the 1984 Voters List, the E-SAGI Database and the Cemetery Recording Database. This report was received with appreciation and enthusiasm. Projects in the pipeline include the transcript of the 1972 voters list ('Project Roster'), making available information of the 'old' green ID card as well as a project to erect a wall of remembrance for those deceased whose graves are covered by the water of the Vaaldam.
At the Gala evening that took place on Saturday night, the guest speaker was the famous Gavin Cowley. Gavin decided to research the Cowley family several years ago. Like a seasoned genealogist, he made his aim to find detail on grass root levels. His ad lib presentation, was received with great appreciation.
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