PROJECT: Family Bibles

bible projectProject leader Richard Ball
he Project is an initiative of the Genealogical Society of South Africa
The objective is to collect digital images of Family Bibles, including the family register pages from the Bibles.
A family Bible is a precious heirloom – traditionally passed down from generation to generation. Most families recorded their most important life events, such as births, marriages, and deaths, on the first few pages of the Bible as a permanent and secure record, in the one book that was more precious to them than any other book in the world. Over time, these Bibles became the gathering place of important information and memories, but also a valuable genealogical source, usually written by the family itself.
Photos (digital images) of both the outside and inside of the Bible and or family register
You are welcome to contribute Bible photos.  This facility is free and open to the public
If you have comments or suggestions, or Bible photos you would like to contribute, please contact Richard Ball via email  
VIEW    the Family Bible collection
SEND   your comments and/or Bible photos that you wish to contribute for inclusion in the albums (with email if smaller than                10MB. If larger than 10Mb just send information about your contribution first to make special arrangements (via email).