PROJECT: Ancestral chart project

Project leader Otto Diedericksancestral project
The Project is an initiative of the Northern Transvaal branch of the  Genealogical Society of South Africa.
This project aims to document, share and preserve as much data of South African families as possible. In this way, the current South African Family Registers (SAF registers) will also be updated. For more details on the project visit the Ancestral Chart Challenge on Northern Transvaal’s webpages you will find more information, as well as examples and blank pages (forms) for you to download and use.
  • Family group chart(s) and and/or Pedigree chart(s) (to be completed on blank forms provided) and/or
  • Ancestral chart (eg in GEDCOM format).
Members of the GSSA and the public are encouraged to complete and submit their family group / ancestral chart information in any of the formats mentioned above, for safe custody.
For more information please or to submit your data contact the Ancestral Chart project leader:  Otto Diedericks via email
VIEW      the Ancestral challenge pages for more information.
SEND     your family group pages / ancestral information for safe custody (via email).
                 If larger than 10Mb just send information about your contribution first to make special arrangements (via email).