Bloemfontein Archive Tour (September 2022)

The typical tour to the Free State starts on a Sunday mid-morning with a mini-bus trip to Bloemfontein.  There we stay in a hotel with two meals a day.  Some members of course stay in the Free State or fly in from other provinces.  All can be arranged.
Two full days will be spent in the Free State National Archive and then on Wednesday we are guests of the Boer War Museum (Oorlogmuseum, ABO). But this is not only an ordinary museum visit.  As participants studied the vast lot of information of what can be ordered there, they already have sent in their interests about persons, happenings, prisoners, deaths etc.  Great is the surprise getting there and finding the neat individual piles with documents, photographs, maps, lists … especially set out for them.  Personal interviews are arranged with the well-equipped and knowledgeable staff members.
The fourth day allows for a visit to the concentration camp cemetery or to the National library before starting the minibus trip back to Gauteng.