Cemetery Project Updates & Reports


These updates provide information on the Cemetery Recording Project progress and current status. Please check back regularly, as these files are updated monthly.

Files last updated: 30 September 2019.



This file reports the number of documents (related to additions and amendments) added to the Cemetery Index during the month.

This Report gives the number of names added to the DVD by cemetery, for the last month.


This Report provides information on the recording and publishing status (DVD and eGSSA) of each  cemetery in the Index.

This Report lists the Recorder against each cemetery in the Cemetery Index.

This Report provides a correlation between the Cemetery names in the Index and the relevant link to the photo album in the eGSSA Gravestone project (where photos are avaiable).

This Excel file shows the progess in recording cemeteries and names both for the DVD and the eGGSA folders.

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