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Founded in 2004, eGGSA is the virtual branch of the Genealogical Society of South Africa, and provides a virtual home for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced family historian.

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More VOC Ships' Pay Ledger Accounts (soldijboeken)

Johan Diedericks has extracted from the data at National Archief at the Hague, 123 more of these VOC employees who settle at the Cape of Good Hope, and made them available onthe eGGSA web site. They have now joined those previously extracted by Lizette Svoboda, on the section of our web site. Our thanks go to Johan and Lizette for making their hard work available. 

VOC (Dutch East India Company) Accounts from Ships' Pay Ledgers, 1662-1805, contain information about many of its employees who settled at the Cape. Below are a number of excerpts from the online links to the Nationaal Archief (The Hague, Netherlands) web sites gahetNA and VOC - Opvarenden which seem likely to refer to those settlers. If you have any to add, please copy to a Word document and email them to the Stamouers editor.

The Nationaal Archief is making a huge effort to digitize the complete collection of the VOC and they hope to have it completed by 2017.

As of May 2016 almost all the Zeeland accounts have been digitized and put online, a large number of the Amsterdam ledgers are currently being scanned and should be available at the end of May or early June; the next batch is already planned.

For an introduction to these Ships' Accounts (soldijboeken) please see Corney Kellers' explanation on the Rekeningen uit de Scheepssoldijboeken 1662-1805 page.

800 000 Gravestone photos on the eGSSA website!!

Congratulations to Riana le Roux and her team of volunteers for this outstanding achievement. It is the product of many years of hard work, patience and dedication.

A big thank you to all of you going out to the cemeteries to take the photos, to those of you doing all the uploads onto the website, indexing the photos and cemeteries, maintaining our website. The project is extremely valuable to us and we appreciate your contributions.

The project is growing so fast that we are looking forward to the next milestone.



eGGSA Outreach at Humansdorp - Museum Day 2013

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Museum Day in South Africa was intended to draw attention to the plight of museums in the country and I was asked to take part in the Humansdorp Museum’s Exhibition where I was able to promote eGSSA’s Outreach Program.

Trudie Marais and I, together with our husbands Tinus and Ludwic, set off before sunrise to arrive at Jeffrey’s Bay’s Fountain Mall by 8 am to set up for the Exhibition. Before we were even finished setting up the first few eager seekers arrived. From there it became a never ending stream of people, surnames too many to remember. Some people did, however, stand out:

WILLIAMS - a young couple now living in Mexico. SCHARNIK - a wonderful gentleman desperate to find out all he can about his family. OLIVIER - we could help him with the help of one of the Jeffrey’s Bay group who researches the OLIVIERs who had popped in to say hello. DEYSEL – (German descent) we referred the seeker to a gentleman at the Exhibition who had the Deysel book, so we had another satisfied member of the public. FOWLDS – Yvonne, looking for her parents COCKCROFT/FOWLES marriage. ARENDT - researching his German family, he spoke to Trudie MARAIS, the leader of the German Group in Port Elizabeth.

Best of all, and I forget the surname, was a woman who knew absolutely nothing about her father’s family as he had grown up in an orphanage. She could give me his name and date of birth. We were very fortunate to find this family. Her father was one of 20 children, an absolute shock to her.

eGGSA also obtained permission to photograph an old HUMAN family register in the safekeeping of the Museum, as well as a number of family bibles. I will try to do this as soon as possible.

If you don’t mind us bragging a little, it certainly seemed to us that the eGGSA stall received by far the most attention at the Exhibition. As a result, we had a busy day helping many people and set many on the correct path.

I believe that we are reaching people who did not know that help was available - the Outreach Program is working.

Carol Beneke

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Cape Frontier Times 1840 to 1853 extracts

Extracts from the Cape Frontier Times 1840 to 1853 are currently being transcribed by Sue Mackay from the copies preserved in the British National Archives at Kew. So far completed are the years 1851 to 1853 and Sue has now started on 1847. These can be found on in the Newspaper Collection along with the many other extracts from South African newspapers old and new done by many different volunteers and collected here by Sue.

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Index to Stellenbosch NGK marriages 1788 to 1815 added

Ockert Malan has added an index to the Stellenbosch NGK marriages 1788 to 1815 with images of the pages to his growing collection of transcripts and indexes - the new index can be found here in the SA Records transcribed section, and notes on the whole collection will be found in the article Stellenbosch NGK registers in the same section

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Cape Town NGK transcripts continue with 1712-1756

Corney Keller is continuing his transcripts of the early Cape Town NGK church registers and is now working on the marriage register of 1713 to 1756. He has so far completed years 1713 to 1735 and these can be seen in the eGGSA transcript library. This project, which he began in March of 2012, so far covers the earliest church registers, from 1665 to the end of the second register book 1712, baptisms and marriages.

In addition he has transcribed the letters sent as reports to the Classis Amsterdam (the body governing the church at the Cape) by the sieckentrooster, Pieter van der Stael, for the period 1656 to 1663, before a regular minister and registers were established at the Cape. These transcripts can be found here: The Van der Stael Letters, and the birth and marriage records contained in them have been extracted and are available here: Baptisms 1653 to 1664 and Marriages 1656 to 1662.

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eGGSA Passenger Lists updated

archive-docsA number of records have been added to the Passenger list database.

New to the database are the lists in the Cape Archives IBC 6 series, passenger lists of emigrant ships 1858 to 1861 - twenty ships carrying 5000 or so passengers, transcribed by Richard Wolfaardt and his international team of transcribers,

and also around 42,000 passenger from the lists of departures and arrivals found in The Colonies & India (a weekly newspaper) April 1883 to December 1888, transcribed by Trisha McLeod.

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eGGSA on Facebook

eGGSA on FacebookYou will now find eGGSA on Facebook - click on the blue Faceook symbol to access the eGGSA page. This has been set up by June Barnes and is being maintained by June, Daan Botes, Judi Meyer and Leith Woodall. They hope you will enjoy what you will find there.

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A new home for the eGGSA transcripts

A new section has been added to the eGGSA web site to bring  together the many transcripts we have available. Here, at South African Records Transcribed,  you can now find the Muster Rolls, and the Cape Baptisms and Marriages  1665-1696. These have been revised and corrected by Corney Keller and he has  just added to them a transcript of the Cape Town NGK marriages 1696 to 1712. You  will also find some earlier baptisms and marriages found in the De Stael letters  to the Amsterdam Classis, that Corney found in the Amsterdam Archives who have  given permission for the letters themselves to be transcribed - letter reports  to Amsterdam from Peter Stael, siekentrooster at the Cape from 1654 to 1663. Also  there is a transcript of the French baptism register of Drakenstein, 1694 to  1713, with translations into English.

In addition Corney has acquired scans of 25 soldijboeken of early 17th and 18th century settlers at the Cape which are displayed with the permission of the Nationaal Archief, Den Haag, Nederland, and also provided a transcript for a few of them.

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