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Founded in 2004, eGGSA is the virtual branch of the Genealogical Society of South Africa, and provides a virtual home for everyone from the beginner to the most advanced family FBhistorian.

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More VOC Ships' Pay Ledger Accounts (soldijboeken)

Johan Diedericks has extracted from the data at National Archief at the Hague, 123 more of these VOC employees who settle at the Cape of Good Hope, and made them available onthe eGGSA web site. They have now joined those previously extracted by Lizette Svoboda, on the Stamouers.com section of our web site. Our thanks go to Johan and Lizette for making their hard work available. 

VOC (Dutch East India Company) Accounts from Ships' Pay Ledgers, 1662-1805, contain information about many of its employees who settled at the Cape. Below are a number of excerpts from the online links to the Nationaal Archief (The Hague, Netherlands) web sites gahetNA and VOC - Opvarenden which seem likely to refer to those settlers. If you have any to add, please copy to a Word document and email them to the Stamouers editor.

The Nationaal Archief is making a huge effort to digitize the complete collection of the VOC and they hope to have it completed by 2017.

As of May 2016 almost all the Zeeland accounts have been digitized and put online, a large number of the Amsterdam ledgers are currently being scanned and should be available at the end of May or early June; the next batch is already planned.

For an introduction to these Ships' Accounts (soldijboeken) please see Corney Kellers' explanation on the Rekeningen uit de Scheepssoldijboeken 1662-1805 page.

800 000 Gravestone photos on the eGSSA website!!

Congratulations to Riana le Roux and her team of volunteers for this outstanding achievement. It is the product of many years of hard work, patience and dedication.

A big thank you to all of you going out to the cemeteries to take the photos, to those of you doing all the uploads onto the website, indexing the photos and cemeteries, maintaining our website. The project is extremely valuable to us and we appreciate your contributions.

The project is growing so fast that we are looking forward to the next milestone.



Corney Keller se transkripsie van die Kaapse NGK trouregister 1713-1756 is nou klaar en beskikbaar op die eGGSA webwerf.

Hierdie transkripsie is van die Kaapse Argief Verbatim Afskrifte, dokument VC 621, gedoen. Dit is 'n fotokopie van die oorspronklike register wat word nou in die Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerkargief, Noordwal-Wes, Stellenbosch, as G1-13/1, gehuisves.

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Corney Keller has completed his transcription of the NGK marriage register 1713-1756 and these are now available on the eGGSA web site

The transcription was done from the Cape Archives Verbatim copies document VC 621 which is a photocopy of the original register, this last now housed in the Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerkargief, Noordwal-Wes, Stellenbosch, as G1-13/1.

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SwartlandDie tweede doop register van die Swartland Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk gemeente is deur Lizette Svoboda uit Thailand getranskribeer. Hierdie data is by die eGGSA doop registers bygevoeg.

Dit is interessant om in hierdie register daarop te let dat die vroulike naam Huibregtje, soos in die dope van die 1700's gevind, by die vroeë 1800's verander het tot die moderne Afrikaanse vorm van Huibrecht, nou 'n vroulike naam in Afrikaans, maar in Nederlands nog 'n manlike naam.

Die data is van foto's van die Kaapse Argief dokument VC 667 getranskribeer. Hierdie is 'n fotokopie van die oorspronklike register wat gehuisves word in die NG Kerkargief, Noordwal-Wes, Stellenbosch, as dokument G5 3/3.

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SwartlandThe second baptismal register of the Swartland Nederduits Gereformeerde Kerk congregation has been transcribed by Lizette Svoboda from Thailand. This data has been added to the searchable data in the eGGSA Baptism Registers.

It is interesting to note in this register that the female name Huibregtje, the Dutch form of Huberta, as found in the 1700s, has changed by the early 1800s to the modern Afrikaans form of Huibrecht, now a female name in Afrikaans, but which in Dutch is a male name, ie. Hubert.

The data has been transcribed from photographs of the Cape Archives document VC 667, a photocopy of the original register which is housed in the NG Kerkargief, Noordwal-Wes, Stellenbosch, as document G5 3/3.

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KWT dope 1849-63Die doopregister 1849-1863 van Holy Trinity, King William's Town, is verwerk deur Brenda Gassner van foto's van die oorspronklike register in die Cory Biblioteek, Rhodes Universiteit, Grahamstad, MS 19 189/1, by ooreenkoms met die Cory Biblioteek. Die data is nou beskikbaar op die webwerf: eGGSA doop registers. Foto's deur William Jervois afgeneem.

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KWT baptisms 1849-63The register of baptisms 1849-1863 of Holy Trinity Church, King William's Town, has been transcribed by Brenda Gassner fromWilliam Jervois' photographs of the original register in the Cory Library, Rhodes University, Grahamstown, MS 19 189/1, by agreement with the Cory Library. The data has been added to the searchable web site form: eGGSA Baptism Registers.

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Nou afgehandel is Sue Mackay se afskrifte van die bogenaamde koerant wat in die Britse Nasionale Argief te Kew bewaar word - nog 'n reuse-transkripsie oefening deur Sue voltooi.

Ongelukkig bestaan nie die jare 1845 en 1846 in hierdie argief nie, maar die res, 1840-1844 en 1847-1853, kan in die eGGSA Koerant Versameling gevind word, saam met die vele ander uittreksels uit Suid-Afrikaanse koerante oud en nuut deur baie verskillende vrywilligers gedoen en hier deur Sue versamel.

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