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When the eGGSA branch first started on Project S (the transcription of the whole of the letter S in the 1984 South African Voters' Roll, 296 668 names and addresses) we were simply just going to type forever!! You must know when the S's first arrived at my desk, I sommer put the computer off for 2 weeks, not knowing where to start. eGGSA's initial plans for handling the transcriptions were also put toOorspr Media bed and we had to come up with a new approach. The simplest for us was to contact anybody with even the remotest interest in the S-surnames, family and friends were also not safe.Â

The image shown here is what the transcribers have to contend with in completing the transcriptions.

The first of the S's were typed with the start of the Soccer World Cup in 2010. In the first quarter of this year we set ourselves a deadline for completing Project S by the end of December 2011. We typed right through the Rugby World Cup and today we won the S-CUP!!! The transcription of the letter S is now complete - 31 days BEFORE the deadline!!

Thank you so much to everyone who put so many hours into the project. We really appreciate your time, dedication, patience and friendship! I really enjoyed working with you guys! A big thank you to the S-pensioners who have offered to continue transcribing other surnames.Â

The Roll of Honour ( transcriber and number of names transcribed ):

Alet Swanepoel, 4200Â Â
Alta Griffiths, 26504Â
Amanda Stander, 4033Â
Annette Goussard, 3801Â
Carmen van de Riet, 3570Â
Carol Beneke, 10542Â
Celeste Rachman, 20055Â
Dalina van Zyl, 4242Â
Dan Strydom, 5271Â
Deirdre Eygelaar, 7519Â
Erna Buber-de Villiers, 715Â
Fay Lea, 588Â
Frans Rudolph, 28603

Gert Schepers, 106Â
Glynis Millet-Clay, 1053Â
Hannetjie Riekert, 76550Â
Heleen Nel, 11602Â
Hobbie Stoffberg, 4819Â
Jacobus Swanepoel, 7119
Jacqui Foster, 273Â
Judi Meyer, 5271Â
Karn Kruger, 1764Â
Kobus Snyman, 3507Â
Lee Marais, 273Â
Levien Smuts, 13399
Melanie Smit, 5271Â

Minnie Pretorius, 2814Â
Paul Bosman, 819Â
Paxie Kelsey, 3261Â
Richard Atkinson, 5271Â
Richard Wolfaardt, 26355Â
Straffen Short, 462Â
Swannie Swanevelder, 1197Â
Talita Lofty-Eaton, 1764Â
Tanite Smart, 1029Â
Tobie de Villiers, 421Â
Wolfaardt familie, 2625 (Richard Wolfaardt,
Dalina van Zyl and Henry Wolfaard


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