Books in Branch Libraries

Over the years branches built up their own library of Genealogical books and periodicals. It is just one of those actions that branches take pride in and continue to add to their collection with great fervour. We have decided to make the lists of books available at the various libraries on our website. These are the links to the libraries. Click on a particular branch. Once the list is open it is searchable (Control F). Please bear in mind that some of the lists may take a while to open due to their size depending on the speed of your connection. At present there are indexes for Northern Transvaal, North West, Johannesburg, Western Cape Branches and a National List provided by Dennis Pretorius.

National List

Johannesburg Branch

North West Branch

Northern Transvaal Branch

Western Cape Branch


CD's and DVD's


Durban And Coastal Branch

Eastern Cape Branch


         Electronic Resources

West Gauteng Branch





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