2020 Branch Meetings and Outings

Written by Alan Montgomery.

Meetings take place at Lolly Schtein Hall,  Laubscher Park,  West Villiers Road,  Walmer on the 3rd Monday of each month, at 6.30pm

 Date   Time - Event 
16 March Alan Montgomery:  The origins of the 1820 settlers
20 April Allan Bradder:  Settler stories. Charlotte Barron:  her family history
18 May Charlotte Barron:  her family history
15 June Alec Riddle: What happened when the family moved North
20 July Dr Paul Wannenburg:  Big shoes to be filled
17 August Liz Eshmade: How your memory sometimes gets fuddled
21 September Dr Dean Allen: (Not finalized) Les Williams lecture
19 October 19 October  2020-  Farms of the Settlers
23 November Members Evening