Dennis Henry Pretorius

dennis pretoriusHe was born on 6 Dec 1947 in Bloemfontein as the third child of John Henry and Sarah Helen le Pierre Boshoff.
He attended Grey College, in  Bloemfontein until 1961 when he became a Transvaler and attended Florida High School up to 1963. After school he worked at the SAR and H whilst studying part time at the University of South Africa.
During these years he met Minnie Pretorius, then a student teacher at the Goudstad College of Education. They married in 1969 in Dundee, Minnie's hometown, and two daughters and a son were born from this marriage.
He served 17 years in the management of Krugersdorp Publicity - later Mogale Tourism and is currently Director of Mogale Tourism.
Since 1991 he is a member of Krugersdorp Rotary Club and in 1993 became President of the Club. He is currently the Treasurer of Rotary Krugersdorp.
He is a keen researcher of family history since 1998 and founding member and chairman of the Wes Gauteng Branch of the Genealogical Society of South Africa. He has been a member of the National Council of the Genealogical Society of SA for several years
Dennis's passion is to help adopted children find their biological parents.