Cemetery Recording Project Outline

Cem RecordingMission
Prreserve the genealogical information contained in cemeteries of South African interest and make the information accessible to genealogical researchers.
Scope and objectives of the project
  • The Project is an initiative of the Genealogical Society of South Africa , a non-profit organisation manned by volunteers
  • The aim is to preserve information by the collecting, recording, processing and safekeeping of cemetery data. This is achieved by recording  the genealogical information, including birth, death and burial data plus any personal historical data (e.g. occupation,  marriage or any other family relationships) contained in the cemetery data.
  • The data is collected from all cemetery type sources, including headstones, burial registers, memorials and cremation plaques.
  • The project covers all cemetery data of South African interest, inside and outside of South Africa.
  • A prime focus of the Project is the collection of information from the very many farm cemeteries that exist throughout SA. These have no burial registers and the headstones are more subject to neglect and damage than the town cemeteries (which are also under  threat).
  • Credit and acknowledgement will be given to Recorders.
The Project is organised in two parts:       
1. The GSSA Cemetery DVD Project
The DVD Project transcribes name information from various sources (headstones, memorials, registers etc) and publishes this annually as an Index in DVD form. The Index is searchable by name, cemetery etc; DVD 18 published in March 2020 contains 942,046 names from 3179 cemeteries. In addition to Cemetery Recording efforts at the various GSSA Branches, we have a large number of individuals who record data and assist with data processing. The DVD can be ordered as a hard copy or soft copy download from either:
In addition, the Cemetery Transcript Project (CTP) is part of the GSSA Webshop, where the DVD database can be searched and selected data purchased on a token basis. It is updated on an ongoing basis. The webpage is at https://www.genwebshop.co.za/
The DVD / CTP Data Coordinators are Peter and Beverley Moss:                      Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees.
2. The eGSSA Gravestone Project
The eGSSA (the web-based Branch of the GSSA) publishes gravestone photos on the internet; these photo albums are searchable by name, cemetery etc. There is no charge for access. The albums presently contain over 790,000 photos, with many more photos still to be processed. Riana le Roux can be contacted at: Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees.  please request postal address
3. Other features of interest are:
  • The GSSA webpage:
Please also visit the GSSA homepage www.genza.org.za for further information. Select the required tab for PROJECTS / GSSA Cemetery Recording Project. This area contains various reports giving the status of the cemetery recording effort, which cemeteries have been recorded, etc. This cemetery recording status is recorded in excel files on the web page, go to /  Cemetery DVD Updates and Reports. https://www.genza.org.za/index.php/en/cemetery-dvd-updates-a-reports These files are updated monthly.
  •  The GSSA Google Earth Cemetery Initiative
Explore the GSSA cemetery locations live on line! Visit the GSSA web page and click on GSSA Google Earth Cemetery Initiative, http://www.genza.org.za/index.php/en/google-earth-cemetery-files  download the .kmz file and see our cemetery locations on a Google Earth platform. You will need Google Earth preloaded on your pc to view this file (free download from https://www.google.com/earth/
  • About the Cemetery Index
The Cemetery Index is used to manage the recording effort and correlate data between the DVD and eGSSA projects. It contains 3 main areas:
  1. Cemetery names, including CemID, where we use the farm name / number as found on the 1:50000 maps of SA. There can be more  than 1 cemetery location on a farm (see 3.)
  2. Documents, including DocID, which tracks recorder and submitter names, dates entered, etc. There can be many documents for a single cemetery, due to revisions, updates etc..
  3. Cemetery locations, including GPSID, which contains the GPS coordinates, links to eGSSA photo albums, etc, and provides    data for the Google Earth Cemetery Initiative. There can be multiple cemetery locations on a farm.
Cemetery Locations  
  • Recording please help
We request that recorders send in headstone photos, or provide a transcript of the headstone information (preferably in our standard excel format which saves time at our end, now included in the DVD), and also provide GPS coordinates with a view photo of the Cemetery.Photos can be saved on DVD and posted to us, but we encourage the use of Dropbox which is much quicker and easier.If you are interested in helping with photographing and transcription of Cemetery Registers, or addition of captions to headstone photographs, please contact Peter Moss at  Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees.  or Riana le Roux at Hierdie e-posadres word van Spambotte beskerm. Jy moet JavaScript ontsper om dit te lees. 
If you are interested in helping with recording work, data processing or any other aspect of the Project, please contact the Coordinators noted above for further information. 
Thank you for your interest
The Cemetery Recording Team
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