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In this edition you will read something about John Robert Dunn – a European who became a Zulu Chief. This is a story on how one can be side tracked, as it were, doing research. It is like reading a Dictionary, you force yourself not to go too far and widely off the track. It is, however, worthwhile.

Another story is about the intersect between modern day DNA and old-fashioned genealogy and how to solve a murder that happened 36 years ago!

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WEST GAUTENG’S STORY ABOUT THEIRCEMETERY PROJECT The object of this story is definitely not to show you gangsters headstones in South Africa. We can, however, if we really want to, compile such a list and start off with Demitri Tsafendas, you remember him? He killed Dr H.F. Verwoerd] who is buried in Sterkfontein. Our branch’s leader for the GSSA cemetery project is Giel Nel. He is at the helm for a number of years already. Just a few members of our branch go quite regularly to Sterkfontein to take photographs of the gravestones. Yes, we can do with more members and public who want to help. There are more than 40’000 gravestones to photograph. And more.......

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The Rand Easter Show by Jack Jordan The show was first held at the Old Wanderers cricket ground in November 1894 by the Witwatersrand Agricultural Society, a society that had formed in March of the same year. The second show was opened by Paul Kruger on 13 March 1895, at a venue called Milner Park, which is today the site of the University of the Witwatersrand’s West Campus. It was held again in 1896 and re-established subsequent to the end of the Anglo Boer War, in 1907. In 1936, the Rand Show was called the Empire Exhibition. In the early days, getting there involved a tram ride to Vrededorp, known as “Fietas”, then a bus from Vrededorp to Milpark. The origin of the name Fietas is lost in the mists of time but is assumed to be a name given by the Malays who were a part of the very cosmopolitan community that occupied Vrededorp before the days of segregation and relocation. One of the first tasks was to collect some heavy-duty paper carry-bags with string handles, not the eco unfriendly plastic of today, these were handed out free for the purpose of storing and carrying the samples and brochures that were lavishly dished out. This included items like sugar rice, condensed milk, cereals, washing powder, soap and many others. As a family you could garner a week’s grocery supply at the show. What halcyon days. My Oupa Liebenberg, gebore in 1889, ook bekend as Blink Koos deur Johannes Bosch Maar dis nog nie die eintlike wynstorie nie. Ek was nie by nie, toe hy vir my oupa van daardie kosbare voggies aangebied het nie, maar Herman het later 'n artikel daaroor in 'n Kaapse koerant geskryf. Herman skryf dat hierdie bejaarde man van die Vrystaat – hy het nie name genoem nie – aangestap kom waar hy en sy vrinde 'n glasie Kaapse voggies geniet. Hierdie besoeker is die bruidegom se oupa en dus 'n belangrike gas. En as gasvrye Kapenaar wat sy maniere ken, bied hy vir die man van die Vlaktes 'n glasie wyn aan. Hy en sy makkers glimlag wetend vir mekaar en staar aandagtig om te hoor wat die besoeker van hierdie kosbare wyn wat net die Kaap kan bied, dink. Herman skryf dat die man sommer 'n goeie mondvol gevat het. Maar voordat die wyn mooi in sy mond was, spoeg hy dit met so 'n straal uit!! En voor die wyn nog grondvat, roep hy uit "Here broer, dis suur"! Herman sê hy het sy les geleer om versigtig vir mense van noord van die berge 'n goeie droëwyn aan te bied – En dis 'n ware storie!

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Die naaste wat Neels sy pa by 'n skare mense gesien was by die Vaaldam. Met Republiekwording wou Neels na Pretoria toe gaan maar sy pa het gesê nee want daar gaan te veel mense wees. Verwoerd  word in die parlement dood gesteek. Met die begrafnis in Pretoria wou Neels gaan en sy pa het gesê nee want daar te veel mense wees. 2010 Breek aan. Die wêreldbeker sokker is in Suid Arika. Neels gaan kyk na straatoptog in Randburg en Neels was daar.Deon Baird skryf  oor sy pa, Francis Henry Baird. Op sy geboortesertifikaat is sy name korrek maar toe hy gedoop is word sy name geskryf as Frans Hendrik Baird. Dan volg Francis Henry Baird se loopbaan.  

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Lees in hierdie uitgawe die van die Kalant, Eddie Jordan en die Boereverkenner Daniel Johannes Stephanus Theron. Dan is daar ook volledige besonderhede van die 2018 Argieftoere wat deur Ellen Harmse organiseer word, te siene.

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I FOUND MY COUSINMy mother told me about her brother Richard Smith. She never told me that he had a daughter. My grandmother died 25 January 1965. On the day of her funeral, 27 January 1965 my mother received a letter from Richard Smith with a photo of his daughter. After my mother’s death the photo disappeared. Read the story in the newsletter

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My wife, Annemarié took me quite willingly to a coffee shop near Kyalami and we met the owners Ingrid and her husband. We got talking and Ingrid told me the fascinating story about her dad’s violin and the romance between him and her mother.I immediately requested her for her story and now you are able to read it. Thank you Ingrid for this story and you sharing it with us. Read the story here

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One of our West Gauteng Members of the GSSA, General [retired] Colin Steyn gave me a photocopy of this article that was published in SERVAMUS Community-based Safety & Security Magazine December 2016. After reading it, I decided that it is worthwhile to publish it in our magazine DIE DELWER/THE DIGGER.Daan Pieterse van ons Wes Gauteng Tak en vriende was met vakansie in Magoebaskloof en het heerlik rondgery en ‘n goeie ervaring beleef. Hy het nie net aan hom en sy eie genietinge gedink nie, maar ook aan DIE DELWER/THE DIGGER. Terwyl hy as toeris daar rondgery het, het hy hierdie storie vir ons geskryf en foto’s geneem.

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At our last council meeting on Saturday 26 August 2017 our very able librarian Marie De Lange gave an original FAMILIA’s published during 1964/65. I asked her what shall I do with this lot? She looked at me and told me to read it. In the 1964/65 No 3 edition I found this delightful article by the historian Geo. M. Theal that was first published some 123 years [1894] ago. Then the thought struck me to re-publish it for the benefit of my readers.

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In hierdie uitgawe; Genealogie en Kultuurgeskiedenis: ʼn vrugbare bondgenootskap. Lees ook Oom Nelie en tan Letta Labuschagne by hul woning te Mombolo in Angola 1924 (Dorslandtrekkers) en ook Die eerste konsentrasiekamp tePotchefstroom

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Read in this edition: This month we have a rather mixed bag of articles which I find very intriguing and fascinating. I trust that you will agree with me. Francois Greeff, all the way from London sent me his article THE REPUBLICS SOUTH OF THE LIMPOPO during 2015 although he wrote it already during 2006. It was only recently that it took on a different meaning especially after Lucas Rinken’s article AN ATTEMPT TO SHOW HISTORICALLY CORRECT PLACE NAMES was published in the March 2017 DIE DELWER/THE DIGGER. Lucas’s article attracted a lot of attention; I do hope that Francois’ article will likewise attract a lot of attention. 2 Following on Francois’ is Hennie Van Aswegen’s B3C8D1E1 JAN DANIEL KRIGE (E-SAGI 747355). I want to congratulate Hennie with his article [FAMILIA Volume 52-2017 at page 53] that was published in FAMILIA. and more.....

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Die storie oor Johannes Petrus Theron begin reeds in Nimes, LanguedocFrankryk waar die stamvader, Jacques Therond uit sy vaderland as 'n Hugenootvlug. Hy reis deur Switserland, Duitsland en kom in Middelburg in Seeland (Nederland) aan. Hy vertrek op die seilboot Oosterlandt waar hy 'n soldaat op die skip is en stap in 1688 in die Kaap aan wal. Op 31.05.1688 word hy 'n landsburger asook eienaar van die plaas Languedoc in die Drakenstein. In 1697 trou hy met Marie Jean Des Pres. Lees verder.

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Lees in hierdie uitgawe alles oor die besoek van die tak aan Lindfield Museum in Aucklandpark,

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Read in this Newsletter An attempt to show historically correct place names – by Lucas Rinken The West Gauten Branch’s Cd, e-Sagi containing over 900 000 names were selling all over the world and I knew that many users, particularly overseas, were not familiar with South African history and the changes this created in the Republics and Colonies which became Provinces of the Union, and later, Republic of South Africa. I then attempted to use place names pertaining to the historical timeframe involved. At first, this was just hit and miss as I thought was the case, but gradually I realised that more research was necessary in order to ensure that I was not misleading users. RICHARD HARPER & SOPHIA LILLYWHITE [Richard Wolfaardt’s ancestral line – abreviated] tells .........

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