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Church Photographs

George St_Marks_cathedral_foto_gillian_mauchanWelcome to another joint project of GSSA in collaboration with SAGenealogie Gespreksgroep (SAGen). The Collection of Church Photographs, previously hosted on FOTKI, has been transferred to the new GSSA website and will be built up as a joint collection of both organisations.

With this project we not only strive to preserve part of our cultural heritage, but also part of our architectural heritage and it's development over time. The more information we can amass in relation to each church or place of worship, the more valuable a source of reference this webpage can become.

The photographs have all been indexed and arranged alphabetically within provinces according to city/suburb/town/village, congregation/parish and denomination. This makes it easier for the researcher to locate the data. Churches are fully searchable using the Search Engine.



If you submit a photograph or information about a church or place of worship, obtained from another source like a book or website, please make sure to supply the name of such source(s).


Hobbie Stoffberg


This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Church Photographs Report

Towards the end of July all church photographs formerly hosted on Fotki, were moved to the new GSSA webpage. 

1,878 photographs have been indexed and arranged alphabetically within provinces according to city/town/village, congregation/parish and denomination.

On 7 November 2011 the webpage goes live. By the end of January 2012 there are 2 320 photographs in the collection. Of these  2 268 can be viewed by the public and 52 photographs still have to be processed.  More contributions are received and four months later on 10 March 2012 there are 2 813 photographs on the webpage. The public has access to 2 727 of these and 84 still have to be processed. 


Some of these contributors previously uploaded their photographs to Fotki.

Alex van Niekerk, Alta Griffiths, Andrew Kok, Annami Jonker, Anneli Els, Barry Srieger, Basil Royston, Bobbie Crowther, Breda Stasheim, Brian & Fay Lea, Brian Biggs, Charlie Els, Darryl Allwright, Dawie Kernekamp, Derek Walker, Dirk Bloem, Dirk van Heerden, Danie van Heerden, Eckhard von Fintel, Eduan Swanepoel, Elmien Wood, Emile van Heerden, Fanie Blignaut, Fanie Buys, Ferdie van Wyk, Gail Rothner & Stanley Cawthorn, Gillian Mauchan, Glen Swemmer, Glynis Millet Clay, HB Heymans, Helena Garner, Hennie le Roux, Henning Noeth, Hetta Scholtz, Hobbie Stoffberg, Ina Kingsley, Ingrid Lizar, James Anderson, Jaq Benadie, Johan Morgenthal, Johan Viktor, John Deare, Leslie de Klerk, Lizette Sxoboda, Mandie Meyburgh Patterson, Marie Greyvenstein, Marielle Ford, Martie du Toit, Martie Fourie, Mike Myburgh, Nico Fourie, Paul Bosman, Peet Schabort, Peter & Beverley Moss, Petrus Fourie, Piet & Janet Uys, Rita Quebbemann, Sha Redfurn, Simon du Plooy, Stephen Botha, Sunelia Heath, Tessa King, Tian Schutte, Vernon R Whittal, Wileen Olivier, Willieta de Swardt. 




How to navigate this webpage

The photographs have all been indexed and arranged alphabetically within provinces according to city / town / village, congregation / parish and denomination. This makes it easier for the researcher to locate the data. 

  • Churches are fully searchable using the Search Engine.
  • Click on the map (icon) of the Province in which you want to search.
  • A lighter background indicates that there is only one page (photo) in the sub-album. 
  • A darker background indicates that the sub-album contains more than one page. 
  • Click on an icon (photo) to open / enlarge a sub-album or individual page (photo).
  • We have captioned the pictures with names and dates as they appear on FOTKI.