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There were two Ueckermanns that came to South Africa from the town Mecklenburg in Germany.
1) Heinrich Julius Frederich Christiaan Ueckermann, born 20 Jul 1827. Nothing is known about his parents.
2) Carl August Friedrich Ueckermann, born 19 Jul 1837. He arrived with his Mother, Dorothea Marie Helena Carolina Martiz. Nothing is known about his father George Godfried Ueckermann. In 1861 Heinrich Ueckermann acquired part of the Farm Langlaagte and established a general dealer at the crossing of Port Natal (Durban) /Potchefstroom road, with the main road between Cape Town and Pretoria. In 1865 he appointed T.W. Fannin as surveyor for a town development, which named after his alma mater in Germany, and Heidelberg was established in 1866.