The Genealogical Society of South Africa

Ons tak se stories


During 2012, our branch embarked upon an ambitious (for us!) project. We decided to produce our own members' publication. Members were asked to write an article about their genealogical triumphs and tragedies, about themselves as researchers, about their methods, finds, frustrations and about themselves and their families. Thirteen people contributed stories and photographs to our first edition, which has since become an annual effort.

The Ons Storiewa banner picture shows an old, broken-down wagon, with a little flower blooming at it's wheel. Our family histories are old, come from afar and are missing a lot of pieces, but they bloom again when we tell and re-tell them to our friends and our children. By hook or by crook, we genealogists will keep our story-wagons on the road!

Ons het nou al ses Ons Storiewa’s aanmekaargesit. Ons stel temas voor om ons lede idees te gee,  maar die hulle is geensins verplig om daarby te hou nie. Voorbeelde wat mense aan die skryf gekry het is “familiefeeste”, en “verlief, verloof, verlore”. Lede word aangemoedig om hul eie lewensstories vir hul nasate neer te skryf, want, soos Isobel Groesbeek benadruk, is die vertel van jou eie verhaal ‘n belangrike bydra tot die genealogie.

We've uploaded the PDFs onto this website for everyone to enjoy. You can find them by clicking on Ons Storiewa in the menu on the right, and then select either Storiewa 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. Most of the articles in Ons Storiewa are in Afrikaans, but there are excellent ones in English, too, such as the one about the descendants of the 1820 Settlers. Some articles reflect impressive research skills, some are by beginners, but all are worth reading.

We’d really love to hear your comments if you’ve enjoyed reading them.